Sunday, March 30, 2014

21 Day Fix–Dairy Free Betty Style!


It’s been awhile! 

Hope there are a few of you out there still?

Life is crazy around these parts!  I now have a 13+ month old and he’s BUSY!!!!!  Started a business,we are selling out house – I think we are at 25+ showings so far? (and I’m selling my pre-hubby condo) & I’ve been doing a 90 day fitness challenge (Bikini Body Mommy – I highly recommend)! Life is good – but it’s busy!

I’m trying to find a way to get myself back to blogging because I really miss you all!

I knew at the end of my 90 day fitness challenge – I was going to need something to stay motivated – and I saw the 21 day fix and it sounded pretty awesome!  I’ve been LOVING the HIIT sessions with Bikini Body Mommy – >30 mins and can do at home – yes please! So I decided to do the 21 day fix to try to get my food portions in check also!  (PLEASE NOTE – I am not a beach body coach and I paid for this program 100% on my own!)


So – I start tomorrow! (EEK)

I’m thinking it will be great – I’m worried because I love carbs and I’m not sure how I will survive on the carb portions I get – BUT we shall see!   I was thinking of keeping you all updated on the progress – maybe throwing in a recipe here or there?

Another thought I had was blogging about toddler snacks – as I’m having a hard time finding wholesome healthy foods for my little guy!

Curious to hear what you guys would like to see on Dairy Free Betty? I’m hoping to dedicate some more time – start writing out recipes again etc?

(I made AMAZING turkey burgers yesterday – wishing that I wrote down what I put it – would have been a great start!)


So tell me your thoughts? What dairy free goodness would you like to see?

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



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