Sunday, March 6, 2011

Food Gawker & a Mind Blowing Video…

Thank you so much for all your awesome comments regarding our engagement photos!!  You guys have made this gal blush!!! Smile    I can’t wait to share more with you!!!


So I am SO excited today!!   My sushi salad make it onto FOOD GAWKER!!   Check it out, it’s number #94193!  I couldn’t believe it!! I’ve been submitting photos there forever and they ALWAYS get rejected!!    YAY!!


Ok… this isn’t something that you usually see on Dairy Free Betty, but I feel like it’s a VERY important topic and as you guys know, I am in school, taking Human Services.  My goal when I am all done is to work in schools with students with disabilities.

We watched this video in class the other day and it’s MIND BLOWING!!  It’s in regards to the fact that up to 50% of kids with Autism may be misdiagnosed and the test to test this is very basic!

If you know anyone with Autism or any other learning disability, please watch this video and pass it onto as many people as possible.

I am VERY curious to hear your opinion on this…  so please leave a comment here or on facebook!

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  1. wow - that is profound! I love Justin's story, and that there are potentially so many more like him out there is staggering!

    she brings up one great point early on - you wouldn't accept a diagnosis of heart condition without an ecg, why accept a specific diagnosis like autism without looking at the brain?

    I love TED, and I love the internet and our ability to share and spread knowledge. It's amazing and wonderful!

    congrats again on foodgawker - you should definitely submit to tastespotting also!

    XXO Happy Sunday, beautiful !

  2. oh my goodness, jess, thanks for posting the video! absolutely amazing! it made me cry a little! it is touching, as a mom of 3 little ones, and i'm sure to anyone else! i hope that more people can find answers. there is nothing worse than not knowing how to help your child. thanks again for posting.

    congrats on your salad making it! great job! and i love your pictures! i haven't gotten to post comments yet on those. they/you guys are beautiful!

  3. CONGRATS on your photo!! That's very exciting!! :D

  4. I not only work with kiddos with developmental disorders (including autism and seizure disorders), but am myself a diagnosed autistic. It has been recognized for a long time that seizures and autism are frequently paired. It is also recognize that autism is a term applied to a diverse group of people who share only deficits in socio-communication and enjoy narrow focused interests (the gift of autism to civilization).

    A quick google of BEAM brought up a PDF of a Theory into Practice © 1985 article by Taylor & Francis, Ltd., ‘Using Brain Electrical Activity Mapping to Diagnose Learning Disabilities’. So using mapping to identify disability is not new. There is a plethora of interventions that work for some diagnosed with autism, including chemical, food choices, and intense ABA. Nothing works with all of the people.

    Furthermore, and please ask your instructor to address this: some people with autism would like to be cured, but many, many are happy as they are. They do not wish to be cured and are offended by what they term as “curbies”. They do not see autism as a disability or disorder, but would like help with some of the aspects that limit their autonomy. Don’t look at kids with autism as damaged goods, but as people with incredible potential – and give them an environment to enhance this potential.

    We autistics feel this world should be grateful to the likes of Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and probably any woman who defied the bondages of their “fair sex” and pursued science and math (and there are more than you’d think).

    I am so pleased that you will be working with these exciting children and that you shared this video with your followers!!


  5. So stoked you got on Food Gawker! You deserve it! :)

    Don't have time to watch that video now, but I have it bookmarked!


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