Friday, February 25, 2011

A funny for you!!!!!!!!!!

I can never pass up an opportunity to laugh… and this post from Spabettie had me almost peeing my pants (literally!)  You can either check it out on her blog… or you can click play here!!


I PROMISE this will have you laughing!!    Make sure to watch the whole thing, it will be a great 5 mins in your life!  haha

Do you have any you tube videos that keep you in stitches?  Feel free to add the link!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I haven’t forgotten about you!

Hey guys!

Wow, what  a crazy week it’s been!  We have already been married for a week!!  And in that week we have traveled back home (to ugly nasty snow), I’ve done 1 exam and have 3 more to go in the next 2 weeks.   Life is busy!!  But I haven’t forgotten about you guys!!

Are you interested in seeing more wedding/trip pictures?  I don’t want to keep adding them if no one is interested?!  

I know you are all interested in what was eaten while there though!  The resort, which was the RIU EMERALD BAY in Mazatlan was awesome and had fantastic food!


Every morning my plate was filled with pico de gallo, fresh pineapple jam, pineapple, a bagel or fresh corn tortillas, lox, and usually an egg white!!   SO GOOD!   I didn’t happen to snap any pictures of it though!

On the morning after our wedding, they brought us breakfast in bed, and it was a feast!


Most of it I couldn’t eat, but there was French toast, regular toast, ham and cheese omelette with beans and hash browns, fruit platter and fruit cup, mimosas and coffee with amaretto!

I SO WISH I could have eaten this…  But the beans had cheese all through them and the omelette was full of cheese! I did have a hash brown and it was fantastic!


The fruit cup was awesome though!


Lunch and dinner were pretty much the same beasts…  Guacamole, fresh salsa, pineapple, ceviche, fresh salads, Mexican food and seafood galore!


If I could eat this way forever I would have!! (if there was sushi included somewhere!)


I squirted lime on pretty much everything!! Makes it taste so fresh!


Looks good hey? 

For our rehearsal dinner, we booked in at the Asian restaurant… here is my plate…


It was pretty good, but not as good as the buffet…

Included – raw fish, salad, glass noodles, calamari, un-picture sushi rolls (not good)… hardly any veggies because they didn’t serve many that weren’t deep fried (at this restaurant)


I also sampled quite a few drinks!! 

Fresh mango margarita anyone?


How about some fresh coconut water?


$2.50 for the whole coconut… I paid him more though, as I snapped a bunch of photos!




This coconut weighed about 5 pounds… and once we got back to the resort, it quickly became the communal coconut!!!  Everyone had a sip!!

It’s pretty safe to say the food was awesome,  the view from breakfast was pretty beautiful too…


I found it pretty easy to eat dairy free with all the buffets!  I sniffled a few times as typically the beans and sometimes the guac had cheese sprinkled on it… but otherwise it' was pretty good!!  Only 1 upset tummy the whole time, which is good for me!!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little adventure of food!!   I’m drooling looking at all these pictures! Today for lunch I made Mexican rice and pico de gallo and for dinner I am heating up some refried beans and corn tortillas and we’re having a Mexican feast!!

I' promise to post recipes soon!!!  And also a recap of Salsa and Salsa’s excursion!! (SO FUN!)

Remember to let me know if you want to see more wedding recaps!! 

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few photos!

hey guys!

We are finally home! I hope you enjoyed all the guest posts!! Thank you to the lovely ladies that posted for me!!

I’m planning on doing a few different wedding recaps, but I know a few of you are dying for a sneak peak!! Smile   These are all photos from my friend/family’s cameras!!  The professional ones (which for the record are going to be amazing) will be around in the next few weeks!!

So here you go!!


Being introduced as husband and wife!!




My girls and I Red heart 


And my favourite photo as of this second!!

This was after about 2+ hours of photos, waiting for the sun to set!!  My dress is so dirty, I LOVE this picture so much!!  xo


Hope you enjoyed!!  I have so many fun ones to come – we did an awesome excursion,  did a fun girls night, beautiful beach photos, dinner out and got an upgrade to the penthouse suite that included 2 Jacuzzi tubs and on the final night had a sunset party in our suite!! Smile  

Such an amazing time, surrounded by 27 of our most favourite people!   And we came home to SNOW!!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Vanilla Mylkshake Smoothie

Here is a guest post from the lovely Char of Char’s Kitchen!!! 


Months ago when I was in Toronto, I made Chocolate Mango Smoothies for myself and my Auntie Lolo. While they have definitely since been a staple, I have news...I've made them taste even better!

Green smoothies have literally changed my life since I discovered them almost a year ago. They have given me silky, shiny hair; clear, soft skin; better digestion; more energy. Best part? I've learned how to make 'em taste like dessert! ;)
As passionate as I am about healthy foods, I do not believe in deprivation. However, I also do not believe in sending myself to an early grave as a result of destructive foods. So where's this middle ground?

I am honestly not the biggest fan of spinach salads. Not because I don't like spinach, but because I don't like "spinach teeth." (Anyone who has partaken in the consumption of raw spinach knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about!) But, through trial and error, I have learned that spinach is my favourite leafy green to blend into a smoothie. It makes it silky, soft, and creamy, and you don't notice it at all. And when you blend foods, it "pre-digests" them for your body, creating less work for your tummy.

Then what else do I add? Almond mylk, banana, and mango for added creaminess as well as sweetening; then cocoa, vanilla, and cinammon for a dessert taste. The result is a Chocolate Vanilla Mylkshake Smoothie that lets you be "bad" indulging something "good." I am OBSESSED with this smoothie, and drink it practically every morning. Feel free to switch up flavours: I've made some pretty fun ones. Even without the chocolate, vanilla, & cinammon, this is one silky smoothie that will have you craving more. Start your morning with "salad"! :)

From my kitchen, to yours <3

1 cup unsweetened almond mylk
1 cup water
2 tbs cocoa powder
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 tsp cinammon
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 ripe banana, peeled

1) Blend it, drink it, love it.

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dairy Free Goodies (Guest Post)!

Well guys, 

It’s official… I’m a married women!!   Now I am writing this post 2 weeks early, so I have no details for you (yet)!!  Our wedding was yesterday, and I’m sure it was perfect!! 

Thanks to Christin for this guest post!! I love her blog and she just seems like such an awesome positive person!! Smile  (Plus she has GORGEOUs tattoos!)   This is a great post all about dairy free alternatives!!  Enjoy!


Hello lovely DFB readers!  I'm Christin from Purple Bird Blog


I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Jessica!  I am so happy I discovered her blog as I have a sensitivity to cow's milk and try to remain mostly dairy-free (with some goat cheese on occasion), and I am especially trying to stay true to this for the new year as I vow to honour my body better.  I would like to talk about a few of my favorite dairy substitutes.

earth balance

Earth Balance is a vegan margarine that is an excellent replacement for butter.  I use it on toast, in baking... really in any situation that calls for butter and have always been pleased with the results.  The flavor really is very rich and buttery.  I did all of my holiday baking with Earth Balance and everyone loved all my cookies! 

almond breeze

Almond Breeze is by far my favourite non-dairy milk out there.  I love all three of the unsweetened varieties (plain, vanilla, and chocolate) and use them for anything and everything that calls for milk, from recipes to a big bowl of cereal.  The flavour and creaminess just can't be beat!

so delicious

The So Delicious coconut milk line of products is just outstanding.  I use the kefir in smoothies and overnight oats, and I use the creamer in my coffee or to add a thick creamy texture to rice, soups, etc.  They have a ridiculously tasty line of ice creams as well, and their yogurt is outstanding. I can't say enough good things about these awesome products.


Nutritional yeast, besides being a nutritional powerhouse, imparts a lovely cheesy flavor that I can't get enough of.  I use it in sauces, to make kale chips, and sprinkle it on pretty much anything.  A favorite snack of mine is nutritional yeast and peanut butter on a sweet potato!  Another cheese substitute I love but don't have a picture for is the Daiya line of shredded cheeze.  It actually MELTS, which is a huge deal to me sometimes when I'm really craving cheesy flavor AND texture.
Being dairy-free is so much easier with all these wonderful products on the market! 
I don't feel deprived when I can eat mashed potatoes made with Earth Balance and Almond Breeze,


lasagna made with Daiya cheese,


or overnight oats made with Almond Breeze and So Delicious kefir.

overnight oats

And a dairy-free post wouldn't be complete without mentioning my favorite pizza, Amy's no-cheese pizza (which I sometimes eat with added goat cheese, but lately I've just been loving it the way it is!). 


Thanks for letting me ramble, and please feel free to check out the shenanigans on my blog including my adventures in cooking, being a massage therapy student (while working full-time as a medical transcriptionist!), and showcasing plenty of ridiculous photos of my two dog fur-children! 

Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It’s my wedding day!

Hey guys!

So I wrote this post 10 days ago, but I was just so excited that I wanted to write you a special note on my wedding day and show you a sneak peak of some dress pictures too!!

Today (10 days ago) My mom and dad came over to help me scotch guard my dress (sand + wedding dress = not pretty) and I snapped these fun pictures!! 




pretend you don’t see the messy room!!

I am so in love with my dress, I can’t stand it!!  hehe  and my dad even got all misty when he saw it!! Smile 

Well there you go, this is my sneak peak!!!  IT’s much prettier on, but I loved these pictures too!!

I’m probably just starting to get ready as you read this,  our wedding is at 2pm!!!

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be a Mrs!!  YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ps. I can’t wait to share all the photos with you guys!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest Post–Love Love Love


Well we are in Mexico at this point,  spending the day at “Salsa and Salsas” and then off to our rehearsal dinner!  (btw any creepers, our house isn’t empty, it has friends saying as well as a 95 pound pitbull…  just saying Smile)

I met Kirstina the other day via my facebook page and we immediately hit it off and exchanged about 100 emails!!  She’s a lovely person and as you’ll see SO beautiful and I was so excited when she agreed to do the Valentine’s Day post! 

I hope you enjoy!!  Stay tuned tomorrow, (WEDDING DAY!!) there may be a sneak peak of my dress popping up here!!

Jessica signature

Red heart

Hello DFB followers:) I'm Kristina from Life as Kristina a blog showcasing my life as a fitness junkie, food lover, bride to be, and everything in between!

The beautiful Jess and I connected a few days ago and swapped messages regarding all things wedding. After the zillion messages we shot back and forth we both agreed that all weddings have glitches, but in the end-you're marrying your best friend (insert your awwwwwww's here). 

Jess asked me to write a guest post for Valentines Day (while she's away getting MARRIED)...of course I said yes-this is Dairy Free Betty we're talking about!

It's Valentines you have to expect some kind of mushiness in a guest post coming from someone who is getting married in t-3 months...prepare yourself.

What should you look for in a Valentine????

Someone who understands your wants…



and needs...


is always there to be concerned about the free food your well being...


Can always make you laugh...


Respects your lifestyle...


And it's always a bonus if they're willing to put a ring on it!


I hope you are all having a great Valentines Day!!! We all know Jess is basking in Wedding Bliss.

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I will be patiently waiting to stalk her wedding pictures….and see her in her gorgeous dress (I got a sneak peak).

Have a great day and check out my giveaway-one day left!


Red heart

What do you look for in a Valentine?


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