Monday, April 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals

So you may already know about the “Foodie Pen Pals” thing that’s going around in blog land right now!  I signed up for April and had a blast!

I sent my package to Jennifer and I received a package from Amanda, who unfortunately doesn’t have a blog, but I know she reads mine (Hi Amanda!)

The best part about the package arriving is I totally forgot that it was coming!  So what a surprise when a big box full of goodies arrived!


She couldn’t have done better if she tried!  Clean Eating Magazine (awesome!), Tea and fillable Tea Bags,  2x Justin’s nut butter (so good), Love Grown Granola (drool) and a Vega shake and go, plus of course a lovely card! 

Take a look at this tea!


It has big chunks of apple, nuts and beet root (which makes it turn hot pink), it smells incredible too like cinnamon apple pie!


If you want to be apart of Foodie Pen Pals click the link and it will give you details!  I will for sure be doing this again – it was a blast!

Thank you again Amanda!  Such an awesome gift pack!

xo Jess

Thursday, April 26, 2012

West Coast Living

So I’ve done these posts in the past – they are always one of my favorite posts.  I live in an incredible place and have awesome friends so these posts always highlights it!

It is finally beach fire season around here!   We packed up some dinner and spent Friday night with friends at the beach and it was awesome!



We live in such a magical place!   And days like this day make up for the 350 days of rain per year! Smile (Just kidding, it doesn’t rain that much, but sometimes it feels that way)


We also happen to have friends that fully embrace West Coast living AND eating!  We are always treated to a feast.   Salmon and veggie kebabs and bacon wrapped oysters!


Served on driftwood of course!



The sun started to set while the dogs played on the shore…


Usually as the sun goes down the cruise ships start to pass by, but I guess it’s not quiet time yet!


Want to come visit?  I know you do!

xo Jessica

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mason Jar Key Lime Pie

So I was watching the news this morning – and they mentioned key lime pie!   KEY LIME PIE (drool).    As they made it, they named off a bunch of ingredients as I whizzed together an almost raw, gluten free, dairy free Key Lime Pie (vegan too if you switch out the honey for another sweetener).


For the Crust

1/2 cup walnuts

1/4 cup coconut

3 medjooled dates (pitted)

3 tsp maca powder

Pinch of sea salt

Whiz all crust ingredients together in food processor.   The crust will not be solid when finished, it’s more crumbly!    If you want it more solid, use more dates.

Use 2 heaping TBSP per mini mason jar


For the Top

2 ripe avocados

Juice of 1 – 2 limes – if you are using actual key limes you will have to use a few more.  A little under 1/4 cup lime juice.

Zest of one of limes

1-2 TBSP honey or sweetener of choice (or enough to your taste)

Put all top ingredients together in food processor and whiz together until smooth.  Taste and adjust flavors as needed.  You may like it sweeter, or want more lime or lime zest at this point!

Spoon 2 TBSP on top of crust. 

Awesome breakfast or snack – plus it freezers awesome (and will help avocado stay green– so would be a great snack to send with the kids in their lunch kits – as it should be thawed by lunch time!

And of course there is something special about mason jars!  I don’t know why but I love them – they range up there in my favorite things with sharpies, bath and body works and lululemon




ps.  Thank you to the news this morning for inspiring this recipe!! It was tasty!

Friday, April 20, 2012

2 Minute Protein Balls

I actually did it.   I created a recipe, took photos and am now posting!  Crazy hey?   Well if you follow me on facebook you know that I have posted this recipe before on there (ssshhhh don’t tell anyone)!  

I have made these 2 Minute Protein Balls a few times now, and each time I make them I love them more and more!   I got the inspiration from the Fitnessista's Amazeballs!  I love them enough to break my blogging hiatus!  I know hey?

That being said, trying to photograph little brown balls isn’t pretty – so the photos are less than stellar!  Go ahead, you try…

See?  Not reallllllllly appetizing if you ask me?   But they taste amazing – I bet you won’t stop at one?


Again – if you follow me on facebook you know that I’m having some tummy troubles once again. *sad face* and all of the suggestions are to go Gluten Free… seriously – that scares me… dairy,  AND Gluten free – good by social life – don’t cha think?   Anyways, these are gluten AND dairy free (can I get a woo wooo)?


What you need?

Food processor (I use my small 4 cup one and it works awesome)

3-4 Medjool dates – pitted

1/4 cup oats (if you are gluten sensitive, make sure they are certified GF)

1 scoop Sun Warrior Protein Powder chocolattte flavor!  (or favorite protein of choice)

teeny tiny splash vanilla (alcohol free)

2 TBSP Peanut Butter

1 TBSP maple syrup

2 Tsp  Macca Powder (which I love – it’s malty flavour and good for you too – good to balance out the adrenal – aka a stress blaster)  My favorite is the raw stuff from Navitas Naturals (see link above!)

Whiz it all in the food processor until it forms into a big ball – you may need to add a little water to get it to blend!  Don’t blend too much or you loose any texture!    Then roll into balls – it makes about 4-5 balls – or if balls aren’t your thing, you can make them into bars too! 


Now I could say more – but I know my Uncle Jimbo is reading – and he’ll already make fun of this post – so I’ll leave it here! Smile    Give them a try!

If these balls don’t suit your fancy – I have a few other ball recipes posted too;

Step by Step Energy Balls

energy balls

OR one of my favourites  Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls 


Any of these balls are good for after a work out, great in lunches or even a marathon shopping session!  I typically take a few in my purse if I’m going somewhere that I know I may not get fed things I can eat!     They are super easy and pack a nutritional punch!    They taste sinful – but are good for you!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!   Hopefully it won’t take me so long to post again, eating around this place hasn’t been very eventful lately – but I’m trying to get back too it!

Love you guys and thank you for all your support, even if I hold out on you!  Still can’t believe there are almost 1000 people on my facebook  - you know how to make a girl feel loved!

xo Jessica


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