Monday, January 25, 2010

Will you guys forgive me?

Just hoping you guys will forgive me if I am MIA for the next week?? 

This is a crazy week for me, and I have spent soo much time looking for wedding stuff, I have hardly eaten since Friday (seriously so bad) Unless you want to see breakfast cookie and apple pictures, I don’t have much else for ya!! 

I also have my first exam on Thursday (which I haven’t studied much for) and then we are off to Calgary from Thursday to Sunday to visit one of my best friends for his housewarming party!

I promise to come back with some great stories and pictures!!
I don’t want to loose any of my wonderful/fabulous followers due to my short disappearing act! hehe
What if I leave you with some pictures of some of my wedding inspirations?!  Will you come back then?!

bouquet but don't love the roses

LOVE the gems

Table at Bella California Terrace (Small)

Love the green in these too!

LOVE the pink and green!

An option of the girls dresses but they would be in black!

This is the only dress I have found that I love so far!

Patty Chavez

Hope you enjoyed my sneak peak!!

I promise brilliant recipes and foodie pictures (and not much wedding talk) when I get back!!




Sunday, January 24, 2010

Head in the clouds – and all the details!

Your comments were soooo awesome.  I had a great time reading them all THANK you so much.

I could feel the love all the way over here!


My head is in the clouds, I am the happiest girl around!

I honestly wasn’t expecting it AT ALL (which is weird because I’m not an easy person to keep secrets from – he he )

So Dave came home from work, and wanted to go for a walk… I had already gone during the day and was a little “whatever?” about it.    He suggested we just go by ourselves and to not take the dog, I thought that was weird, as why would we go for a walk and not take Lance?  So we ended up taking him.


When I look back, there were a lot of funny little things, but  I didn’t think anything of them.  Dave wanted to take a little side trail… no dog… he seemed a little extra happy that day…

Anyways, back to the details – So we walked to this cute little bridge, in the middle of a bunch of beautiful trees, and we let the dog go in the water and I started walking away, and he said to me “come back here” and in my head I was thinking – that’s … but still no idea.  

Then he looked at me and got down on his knee (and it still didn’t click) The he said whatever he said – which I’m assuming said something along the lines of “Will you marry me” but I honestly don’t remember!!   I screamed, of course said YES and then we hugged for a lonnnnng time!  

It was really sweet and perfect, I love that it was just our moment (well and Lance! haha) and now we have a beautiful little bridge behind our house that is our bridge!

We came home and phoned everyone and got some awesome reactions!!   Everyone was really really excited, as they all love Dave!! heart

I’m sooooooooooo happy!!  I’ve been in love with this guy since probably our second date.  I honestly couldn’t imagine him not being there so I am the happiest girl ever!!

So the wedding will be somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii and I am SUPER open to suggestions for places to go, so if you have them feel free to send me details!

If you haven’t seen the ring pictures you can go here!!.  The ring is BEAUTIFUL – white gold, princess cut.  I LOVE the ring, it’s the perfect amount of bling for this girl!

My friend is going to take some better pictures today, so there shall be more to post ASAP!  

Thanks again for all your love, you guys are wonderful!

xo Jessica

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Dreamy?!

I know I am feeling dreamy today?  You ask why? Because I made Kris’s Coconut Dream Bars tonight!

Holy yum…  there is a God and he is Coconuty! :)

You have to go to her blog to see the recipe, but here is the short version (and you will be happy to know

I followed the recipe 100% – this is something I NEVER do)

I whizzed up some pecans and dates to make the crust
DSC_0757 (2)
Then mixed up the other delicious (and good for you) ingredients to make the insides!
This recipe is 100% raw… except the chocolate/coconut oil that I drizzled over it (by accident) OOPS!
DSC_0759 - Copy
Dave gave them an 8/10 – and since he doesn't love dates, this is a good score!  I loved them… they were off the charts for me!

Thanks Kris – you are just as sweet and wonderful as these bars!

Ps. I posted my twitter status (about making these bars) then came to make these, finished them off, cleaned up, checked facebook all in 23 mins…  So they are quick too!

For dinner tonight I tested out THIS!
Which made this…
DSC_0748 - Copy
DSC_0750 - Copy
PS. I can’t wait for natural light to become part of my life again!
Lovely little zucchini noodles!  It was super easy, and I didn’t miss them at all with my spaghetti! 

I  bought mine off ebay, but I’m sure you could find one at any kitchen store, they are about $10-$15.

Here is the yummy pasta sauce I made
DSC_0752 (2)
Bison sausage, green peppers, zucchini and sundried tomatoes with pasta sauce added later!

I topped it off with the dip from the other day.
DSC_0754 - Copy
Damn I’m good!  (haha) this tasted super fresh and cheesy!
I didn’t miss the noodles AT ALL
I really enjoyed having it a bit lighter!

Go buy one of those little babies NOW!! You won’t regret.

Onto breakfast- I’m all over the place today!
I made a not so pretty 3 min Tina cookie again
Tis UGLY – but tasted good – I used my new gadget to make carrot straws to go in it too!
Extra veggies YES!
DSC_0743 (2)
With a green pink monster!
It was a simple one with frozen strawberries, spinach, banana and almond milk – that’s all folks, it tasted pink and delicious!

Jumping around like a crazy person again LUNCH!
Dave took me for dinner last night and I had a HUGE salad and french fries, and I brought the leftovers home for lunch today.

I added a can of salmon and some tomatoes – nothing fancy but it worked!
DSC_0746 (2) DSC_0747 (2)
That’s all the eats from me tonight

But I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the responses on “bloggy friends being more supportive than some in person friends” – it’s interesting to know that their are MANY of you out there that feel the same way! 

I wonder if it’s because we all share such common interests?   I’m not to sure, but I’m grateful for all of you!

PS-this is not to say that NONE of my friends in real life are supportive,
because many of you are and I love you for it!

I just feel like it’s hard sometimes to take the time to really appreciate each other and how important friendships truly are! (Especially as we get older!)

I also got a lot of support regarding my discussing anxiety on my blog, it was hard to come out and say it, but I know I am not the only one, and hopefully I can help others by mentioning it!! 
For those of you who wrote me about it thank you!!

Phewf…  it’s getting serious around this place.  I best leave while I still have (wonderful) readers! hehe

I’m off to dream about random drug dealers and police chases!!
(3 nights in a row this has been what my dreams have been about, can you say CrAzY?)

Goodnight my lovelies! :)

Do you have bad dreams?  If so what are they about?

PSSSSSS.  Averie is hosting an amazing get away in San Diego this summer.... I wanna go!!   
Check it out! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A gift for you… a gift for me!! :)

So I was SUPER happy yesterday when Elizabeth sent me a message saying that the package I sent her had FINALLY been received!! 
We did a cross border exchange and it was SO FUN!

Make sure to check out her post to see the goods I sent her!
I am VERY interested in doing this again, with someone from the US or anywhere else really! As I’ve said before, especially somewhere close to Trader Joes as it looks like it has SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!   Let me know if you are interested! (and of course it would all have to be dairy free stuff!)

I can’t wait to receive my box, I promise to write all about it!!

Then once again my door bell rang – my mailman must think I’ve got something illegal going down,
I get lots of packages! hehe
Any guesses?
Only good stuff can come from this place!

(Remember the give away I won?)
I was almost as excited by the Empower Glo Bar… except someone took a bite out of it?!?! hehe  Soooo good!!
You can order these yummy little hunnies here!

If any people from here want to share in shipping let me know, as I would LOVE some of these!!
Onto the rest of the box…
I believe this stuff is some of Ang’s favorite tea!!
It’s very spicy smelling, will be awesome with some almond milk!

And then the star of the show!!

The LULULEMON yoga tote – it’s gorgeous!! Hot pink and black are my favorites!! DSC_0755
Thank you SO MUCH Ang…  this package was AWESOME
(ps, her blog is in my top #3 favourite's so if you have never checked it out go visit RIGHT NOW!, plus her blog is the reason I started blogging!)

Then the mail came and I got ANOTHER goodie!!
Rather than a spiralizer I decided on this little gadget…
I shall give you a review once I’ve given it a go!  Veggie pasta is in my near,near future!
Last night for dinner I made some very filling/comfort foodish dinner.

Remember the dip I made the other day with roasted peppers, cashews, sesame seeds, well I spread it on a brown rice wrap and with kale, mushrooms and 1 egg…. DSC_0743

Wrapped it up and served it with some veg and fruit – it was so amazing and full of flavor!

Next up breaky!
I have been drooling over the breakfast cookie recipe from Tina
I used it as inspiration and made this for breakfast
Oh yes, this will be a new breakfast staple for me.  I felt guilty eating a cookie for breakfast, but it was full of loads of good stuff. 
Plus I had it with a green monster, so I covered all my nutrition bases this AM!

*sigh* then I decided I needed some “self care” today – after having an appointment to talk to someone about my little non friend called anxiety.   She suggested I go do some things that make me really happy.  

Sushi makes me really happy! ahaha

I got enough for lunch and a snack later!  Yam/avocado roll, salmon skin roll and avocado roll… DSC_0761
Plus this was calling my name from the refrigeration section.
I had one little bite and it was tasty!
It tasted crunchy, salty, and sesamey… I can’t wait to eat more!
Anywhoo… must do some cleaning up before heading to work.

Also must study tonight, as my first exam is NEXT THURSDAY! EEK!

Ps.  While I was “talking to that lady” today – I mentioned something for the first time out loud and thought I should pass it along.
I find that some of my blog friends are more supportive than my real friends in life – which makes me happy and sad at the same time…
I love that I have found so many great friends through here, and makes me want to re-evaluate some of my in person relationships.
Bottom line, I love you guys and thank you for being so supportive of everything!! :)

I hope I can be just as supportive to all of you!

Question of the day – What are your two stars and a wish today?
(two good things that happened to you and a wish for tomorrow)

Much love,

PS.  I LOVE replying to your comments in personal emails, but lots of you don't leave any email addresses.
So if you leave a comment, I would love to get back to you, so please leave me a way to do that!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do… what to do?!?!

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all your opinions on yesterday’s crazy test results!  After spending some time researching the testing method (well Dave researching) we found out that this machine is banned from being imported into Canada from Heath Canada. As well as, it’s only seems to get “love” from the Naturopathic community, everyone else considers it a huge scam….

I guess I should have researched it a bit before, but I was just so grateful to maybe have some answers?  Oh well lesson learned!   So my plan is the be conscious when eating these foods, to see how the react in my body and go from there! 

In all the hype of this my previous post from yesterday got lost in the shuffle, so come visit it… It’s all about Quinoa!

Other exciting news this morning.  My post got into the top 9 on foodbuzz this morning!!  I was sooooo excited, it’s an honour!

Because I had no idea what to eat after yesterday, my eats are kinda boring!

Guacamole with tomatoes and black beans



Not pretty but good… 

then I got home and made a big salad with veggies and quinoa


It was filling, sweet, crunchy and fantastic!

That’s all for now folks. Thank you all for your help with my little situation, I really appreciate it!  

Keep the comments coming if you have anything good to recommend, I am still looking to get some help with my eating habits, to figure out what’s bugging my stomach!

Have a great day, I’m off to school for a weee bit!!



Monday, January 18, 2010

Nutritional Sensitivity Test results are in!

EEK!  Not sure what would be shorter, the foods I can eat, or the foods I cannot!!

My absolute DON’T EAT are; kamut, ham, buttermilk, lemon, almonds (gasp) asparagus (double gasp) buckwheat, wheat bran, organic coconut oil, coffee, thyme, watercress, iodized salt!

The also high-I shouldn’t eat foods are; chicken, egg yolk (lord help me) dairy (duh) including goats milk, eel (?), halibut, cod, mussels, pears, tangerine, plums, apricots, blueberries (so sad), sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut (gasp), cocoa (HELP), olive oil, lentils, potatoes, mushrooms, okra, yams, sweet potatoes, wheat, baking powder (is there an alternative to this?), yeast (nutritional yeast) *pouts* gluten, sugar especially demerara sugar, wheat flour, wholemeal, spelt flour, veggie cheese, black tea, white wine, all vinegar, sodium nitrites, marjoram, peppermint, cinnamon, parsley, turmeric, celtic grey salt.   

Now… that being said, the lady was a wee bit nutty…  and maybe a bit on the extreme side.   BUT I am supposed to eliminate all these foods for 2 months, until a retest is done to finalize my list.

Interesting huh?  There are a few that will be really hard – almonds, asparagus, coconut, egg yolk, cocoa powder, all potatoes like things….

Now I shall go look in the fridge to see if I have the 2 foods I AM allowed to eat *winks*

What are your thoughts on this?? How far would you take this elimination?  I really really am interested in your thoughts!

Don’t you love food?

I know I love food!!  I have been doing some experimenting and enjoying everything that has been made!! 

MMMMM  and now to share with you!

Have you ever made Quinoa before?  Click here for more info on it!! 
It’s a fantastic thing to add to you diet!

I think the most important thing to know is you should rinse it before cooking, to get rid of the bitter taste!
Here is what it looks like after it’s cooked! Those little white things come popping out!
I cooked it up with some cranberries and then added it to a bowl with 1/2 a banana, walnuts and some agave!
This is the red kind, which tastes just like the regular stuff!!

While cooking I turned Lance into alien puppy!

We also headed over to Ma and Pa’s house for dinner!
They always make a great assortment of yummy healthy foods!
DSC_0711 DSC_0712
Butternut Squash                     German purple cabbage
Big yummy salad

All together now 
with some prawns and turkey (which I didn’t end up eating!)

I also did a photo shoot with “Chirp” my parents “rent a kitty”!
He is their neighbours but prefers my parents place!  He’s so cute and he really truly “Chirps”
Like my socks? hehe
He’s just so sweet!

Ok what else has been on my plate lately?

Last night we made a FANTASTIC dinner
Baked asparagus (my fav), mushrooms, peppers, seitan, small piece of steak with roasted garlic!

With the leftovers I made a dip for the next few busy days.

I tossed in some roasted peppers, roasted garlic, seitan, soaked sesame seeds and cashews. 
Whizzed it up in the food processor, then added some nutritional yeast, salt and some lemon juice.

It’s pretty good but to be honest it doesn’t have lots of flavor, but it’s alright!!

Well folks that’s all from me right now, I’m heading out for my food sensitivity testing soon! 

I will know my verdict this afternoon!
Then I have to spend the next few weeks eliminating all those foods, followed by test #2 to find out what things must be taken out of my daily eats!

I’m excited/nervous, but how amazing will it be to feel great with no tummy troubles!

Here is what it officially is!
EDS (Vega Type) testing is a non-invasive energetic evaluation using a galvanometer, developed in Germany over 35 years ago by Dr. Voll and Dr. Schimmel. The machine that is used in our practice for this purpose is the MORA III and is used to evaluate the presence of food sensitivities in the body. This is not a true "allergy" test as the word "allergy" refers to a life long reaction to substances or foods. What EDS identifies are "food sensitivities" through the evaluation of acupuncture point on the hands. Eliminating these substances gives the immune system a chance to heal and symptoms improve more readily.

Have a great day guys!
xo Jess


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