Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artichoke Hummus

Happy Sunday guys!!

I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I just made an awesome recipe that is PERFECT to whip up before your busy school or work week!

I know there are BILLIONS of recipes for hummus our there, but I am here with yet another.  And the only reason I am posting it, is I haven’t seen one quite like it, and I have a great technique to rave about!


Creamy Roasted Garlic Artichoke Hummus


1 can chickpeas/garbanzo beans

1 head of roasted garlic (slice top off garlic, drizzle with oil and put in oven @ 350 until soft)

5 peices jarred marinated artichokes

1/2 fresh lemon

Rinse and drain chickpeas


HERE’s THE HINT TO CREAMY HUMMUS – You need to peel off all the skins… it takes about 15 minutes but it’s SO WORTH IT!


It’s amazing how much smoother the hummus becomes!!

Add chickpeas to blender or food processor (I used my Vitamix)

Then add in your artichokes … don’t rinse off oil…


Then add as much garlic as you can handle (Saving some for garnish)


Up next… cut a lemon in half and cut or peel off skin… and YUP, toss into the food processor!

Then add spices of choice – I added 1/4 tsp garam masala, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp zataar… but feel free to add anything you like!!

Blend up, adding water or lemon juice until smooth!!


This was fantastic – and pretty easy!  The skinning of the chickpeas is totally worth the effort!!

As is roasting the garlic, because the taste isn’t so harsh!


This recipe probably cost me under $3.00 and made much more than my beloved Sabre… Smile 

Give it a go and let me know what you think!!

This week I know I’ll be snacking on it, and will be making PIZZA with it on Tuesday for dinner! (YUM!)


Stay tuned this week there are some fun things coming up…

Up tomorrow … A guest post from Beagle Bea – Yummy Pad Thai

A inspired recipe for Quinoa Risotto – if you recently made this on your blog, let me know because I saw the recipe that inspired mine somewhere!! 

And a GIVEAWAY!! I haven’t done one Forever!!! (and let’s just say there will be 10-15 winners!)


Enjoy your Sunday, i’m cooking (Pea Soup), cleaning, homeworking and zumba-ing up a storm!!

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  1. your site is looking beautiful!!!!!!!

    this recipe (i would skip the garlic, i just am not a fan) but omg never thought of just adding arti's to the chickpeas. I am going to try this...soon!


  2. I love all things hummus, and this just adds to my list. Beautiful!

  3. Artichoke hummus sounds delish!!! I love artichokes, but always forget about using them in recipes.

    I am excited to hear about your giveaway and quinoa risotto!! I have a giant bag of quinoa, and very few ideas of how to use it.

  4. Mmm, you know, for my total and utter LOVE of garlic, I have never roasted it. This recipe looks amazing and very unique! Will be trying it in the future :)

  5. Now *that* is a lovely hummus recipe!! :)

  6. That sounds great! I have done the artichokes, but not the garlic...I can't wait to try it. Hummus is always a big winner in my household!

  7. HEY LOVE!! been wayy to long since ive said hey to your pretty face! hope you are doing wonderful!! that hummus looks AMAZING girl!!

  8. i've heard about removing the skins before but since i can barely make homemade hummus, i don't think it's happening!

    by the way, i'm so glad you rediscovered my blog b/c yours was one that disappeared from my reader as well!!!

  9. I am always on the look-out for new hummus recipes and this looks awesome. I will have to try removing my chickpea skins to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip! :)

  10. I love the combination of artichoke and hummus! This sounds so good :)


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