Dairy Free Resources

I hope these pages will help you in your dairy free journey.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions- the best place to reach me is facebook or email . Please check back often - as I will try to update this whenever I can!

A list of Dairy Free Blogs

AMAZING cut out list of dairy free ingredients - great for eating out, for kids, shopping etc!

Restaurant Allergy Guides  - Canada and US 

Dairy Free SNACK ideas 

Valentines Day alternative treats for you!  A list of perfect Valentine's Day Treats!
A whole bunch more Valentine's Day Treats (sweet treats galore)

The Challenges of Living Dairy Free - and some tips!  Great page to send to people who don't understand how challenging it can be!

Dairy Free Survival Guide -  A list of my favorite dairy free substitutes - as well as suggestion from my fabulous facebook crew!

Dairy Free in Victoria, BC - A few dairy free friendly restaurants in the lovely Victoria!

Dairy Free Pizza Guide - lots of "think outside the box" ideas!

From other Bloggers

Done with Dairy - Healthful Pursuit 
Guide to Dairy Substitutes - Forks and Beans


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