30 Miles in 30 Days.

Ok Ladies - Feel free to post your details here or on facebook which ever place you feel most comfortable!! :)   If anyone has any ideas where to do a thread so we can chit chat between each other that would be great too!! :)

Welcome to the challenge!! First off please introduce yourself - then let's get this going! We will begin MONDAY JULY 25th, but feel free to introduce yourself first!

Each day you walk, run, rollerblade or a think like this that is extra on top of regular running around– pop by the above page and document what you did and your total. For example Today I did 4.6km (total 10.2km). Make sense?

It’s just a friendly challenge, a great way to get to know each other and chit chat! And hopefully we will all inspire each other to get out there! Just think if you complete the 30 in 30, it’s like doing a marathons in a month! WOOO.


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