Thursday, January 5, 2012

On my plate


So I mentioned on facebook that I am doing a post about how to gain weight while being dairy free – as per a readers request.  I don’t want to half ass the post – so I am taking some time and doing research on it – keep your eyes open for it next week!

I just uploaded the photos from my iPhone and didn’t realize I had so many meal photos!!   I know a few of you newly dairy free friends are having a hard time figuring out what to eat – so maybe these will help you out!   Just a snippet of my eats as of late!

I’ve been on a healthy eating kick lately – and feeling awesome!

Snack plate – one of my favourites!  Green peas, tomatoes & carrots.   Gluten free crackers, smoked salmon and guacamole (I only ate about 1/2 the guac and salmon!!)



Salmon – pan fried with BBQ spices.   Roasted veggies and black quinoa that I cooked with chicken broth and dried mushrooms.



Trout with BBq spices, steamed kale and asparagus with a grain medley from Costco – also cooked with mushrooms and chicken broth.


Smoked salmon, dairy free cream cheese with cucumbers on toast.   and a few olives.


Another snack plate – hummus, veggies, pickles, rice crackers and canned fish


Blackberries, multigrain cibbattta bun with mayo, nooch and cucumber


Green smoothie – mangos, mixed frozen fruit, orange juice, spinach and loads of macca


Lunch yesterday – steamed kale, chickpeas with oil & vinegar dressing & sweet potatoes fries.


Apparently I only take pictures of my food if it’s fish?  I also eat chicken and tofu!!

These meals are all pretty healthy, but I assure you sweets/treats were eaten too!  I try to keep my main meals as healthy as I can – but no one is perfect!! 

Hope this helps anyone struggling with what to eat!!


  1. Mmmm.....everything looks so yummy :)

  2. I love salmon and trout both so much, but have not been able to develop a liking for smoked salmon ... nut sure what it is about it, but can't eat the stuff.

  3. as someone who is trying to gain weight, i love this! I am all over that salmon dish.

  4. That all looks so delicious! I too don't eat dairy, because it really irritates my eczema - and I sometimes feel I eat the same things all the time - it's fun and helpful to see how you eat dairy free! Love all the fish. Love love love! :-) xyx

  5. Everything looks great! Your sweet potato fries had me drooling (especially because I'm on a 24 hour juicing detox today!)


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