Sunday, January 13, 2013

33 Weeks & Counting

Hey guys!

So the count down is on!   Two of my lovely blogger friends have had their babies in the last few weeks!  Make sure to congratulate Robyn and Jesse on their GORGEOUS baby girls!  The last blogger baby mama friend is Noelle and then it’s us!  (EEK!) 

33 weeks (2)

33 weeks!

I got this fun pregnancy update thing from Natalie at Will Jog for Food – she’s expecting too!  (Hope you don’t mind me borrowing it!)  PS.  I love my pregnant (and new mama blog friends – they have been such a great support system!!)


Baby’s Size: Pineapple – around 4.5 pounds!

Currently Craving: Water w/ice & salad rolls with peanut sauce!  (And feta cheese – my entire pregnancy, but of course I haven’t had any * sigh*)

Sleep & Dreams: Sleep – more or less good!  Baby boy tends to wake up between 4am-5am – I’m guessing he’s getting me ready for the future!

How I am feeling: Great for the most part!  Luckily I haven’t put on much weight and have been able to stay active (for the most part).  He sits very low, so some days I’m really uncomfortable.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Brought everything to make sushi over to my friends house – forgot the nori…. duh….  we ended up making salad rolls which spurred my obsession with salad rolls this week.

Movement: He is a party animal! Kicking, rolling and doesn’t like a single inch of his space taken up, or I get a big uncomfty boot in the belly.

Appointments: I’m down to the wire now, so midwife visits every two weeks!   Choosing a midwife was possibly the best choice I’ve made.

Exercise: Walking is about all I can muster up these days! Or should I call it waddling. I’m still coaching my Special Olympic athletes too!  I’m just having to rely more more on my assistant coaches support and understanding! ha

Innie or outie: Innie (so far – I don’t think it’s going to pop!)

Stretch marks: Natta! Yes!

Rings on or off: off at home – but I can still wear them – I put them on when I go out!

Maternity wear: I’m still mostly in pre-pregnancy shirts, but wear mostly maternity jeans (which I LOVE), and my regular lululemons!   My jacket and vest (although fairly tight) still fit!

Baby related purchases: I made a carseat cover this week! Bought “glow in the dark barrel of monkey’s fabric” so fun!


I don’t have anything fun and food related for you today – but we chat lots on facebook so make sure to join us there!  I’m trying to post a question, thought, or recipe every day – we’ve had some good discussion – would love to have you join!

Just waiting on a few more things and then I’ll be posting baby nursery photos!!


Much love,



  1. haha my hubby called me "waddles" for about 6 months of my pregnancy! I kept telling him I DON"T WADDLE but looking back...I guess I did. haha 33 weeks! Almost there!

  2. hehe I loved reading all of these :D 33 weeks!! You're almost there! I'm so, so excited for you. It seems you're enjoying pregnancy.

  3. So happy for you! I am SO ready for this to be over. LOL. I have been so uncomfortable lately. :-)

  4. That's awesome about the no stretch-marks! I'm so excited for you girl!!!!!

  5. I can't believe you're almost done! Enjoy the last little bit. While it's amazing to have them here to cuddle, I do miss them on the inside too!

  6. No stretch marks huh? You are one lucky lady!!!! I have been searching for something that will help tighten skin that has been damaged due to pregnancy, 2 times. I had awful stretch marks with both babies and now I feel like I look like a mess :( Anyway, congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!


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