Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maple Rooibos London Fog


You know those days when you just want to curl up with a good book, in comfy PJs and drink something rich and soothing?  This has become my go-to drink for days like this!

Dairy Free Betty Maple Roobis London Fog (4)

I’ve had London Fogs many times in coffee houses – I love flowery taste of Earl Grey, but I’m not a fan of black tea.  Just recently Rooibos tea has made an appearance in my life. It has become increasingly popular!   Rooibos also has many benefits and is great for having before bedtime because of it’s calming and relaxing properties (yay for more restful sleep)and now you can find this caffeine free tea in many different flavours – so I was incredible excited to find Earl Grey Rooibos and I knew I had to make a London Fog STAT!

Dairy Free Betty Maple Roobis London Fog (1)

Maple Rooibos London Fog

1 tsp (or to taste) Maple sugar* or syrup (or sweetener of choice)

1 cup unsweetened milk of choice – I used natural organic So Nice Soy Milk (may need to use more depending on cup size)

1 teabag Earl Grey Rooibos Tea (or 1 tsp loose leave in a tea filter*)

Pretty mug – because you deserve to drink your tea in a pretty mug!

I am lucky enough to have a cappuccino maker so I can steam my milk and I get a lovely foam…

Dairy Free Betty Maple Roobis London Fog (2)

You can also heat milk on the stove top or in the microwave and whisk or use one of these - having the foam really makes it extra luxurious!

After milk is heated and frothed – pour milk only into cup (using a spoon to hold back the foam), add tea bag and let it sit. (one awesome thing about rooibos is you cannot over-steep – because it doesn’t contain tannins, it will not get bitter) - Cover if possible. 

Once tea has steeped, take out tea bag (or leave in!!) and quickly steam up your foam again if desired – scoop foam into cup and sprinkle (or drizzle) with maple sugar or syrup!

Dairy Free Betty Maple Roobis London Fog (4)

Grab yourself a good book, turn on some tunes and sip away! This drink is a perfect companion for “one of those days”!


-can use any sweetener – but the maple sugar/syrup adds that hug factor.  I got my maple sugar at Costco!

-Rooibos tea is fairly fine and you might find it doesn’t fit well in tea strainers – I like to buy the disposable filters – like these guys!  (I bought my Earl Grey Rooibos tea here – you can also order online!

-You can also experiment with any tea you like! I also love this with Vanilla Rooibos or Chocolate Mint Rooibos!

Hope you enjoyed this! 


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Take care,

Jessica xo


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