Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life through the lens


Thanks for your responses about doing guest posts!!  Please make sure you send me an email though, not just a comment – otherwise I cannot get a hold of you!!

So last night I downloaded the new iPhone upgrade and it’s FUN!!  I also finally took off some pictures on there and thought it would be fun to do a little post about it!! Smile 

Most are end of summer pics!! (awwh I miss Summer)

Cool sunset on the way home (edited with Camera +)


I was lucky enough to be contacted by Blissful Bites publisher and they sent me some books to review!! FUN!



They are both awesome!  So far I’ve made 1 recipe from HH, but many more to make…


I got my hair did – that was awhile ago – I should probably be doing it again soon!


We spent one last night at a beach fire…


this was the day of the earthquake…  we also saw the Northern Lights that night – which were incredible… I’ve never seen them before!


Got new nail polish – that I LOVE!!  (note to self – I must paint my nails again!)


The husband played dress up – (a few times)


bet he’ll love me for this picture – but there were kids involved – and he’s a sucker for cute kids!

And more dress up… of the Halloween costume variety.



Went to a Zumba fundraiser.  Which was awesome!  (there were way more people there than this looked like)



(Did Zumba for 2 hours – and was pretty sore the next day!)

Got inspired by Pinterest and did a little painting!



Spent countless hours on said Pintrest – getting inspired.


while drinking steamed soy with toffee nut (amazing)…

Got inspired by Pintrest again…  played around with mantel and rest of living room!


As you may be able to tell – I’m absolutely in love with Pintrest… it’s such a great place to get inspired!!   Feel free to add me if you have one!!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. I love Pinterest too! And I follow you actually:-) It's amazing how much time I can waste on that site... but if I am looking for things for my kids then it's ok, right?:-)

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a Zumba fundraiser - I'll finally get the chance in Vancouver!!!

  3. I haven't done anything on Pinterest. Everyone's talking about it, so I think I may have to look into it. Love the nail polish! Too cute!

  4. Hi there! I came across your blog yesterday and I couldn't help but take a minute to leave a comment. I think your blog may be coming in handy in the next little while! I'm having a food allergy test done by my naturopath next week and she warned me to be prepared for big changes! Eeek!


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