Friday, December 9, 2011

Nog… Dairy Free Nog…

Hiya loves!

Want to know something interesting?  I’ve never gotten the whole “egg nog” thing!   Like most people, I try it every year and never really understand the excitement.   Until this year.

I have bought tons of soy nog – and I have thrown it away every time.   Then I decided I wanted to make Oh She Glows Egg Nog Biscotti's (which are incredible FYI)… so I bought this.

Sorry to you guys in the US – I don’t think you guys get this?  Anyways I am loving it heated up!! It’s SO good and so festive!!  It’s cheap too – I bought it for $2.99 I believe?

You could always use my recipe from last year…


As mentioned I used it for Oh She Glow’s Egg Nog Biscotti's this is her picture since I banned all my biscotti’s to the freezer for Christmas!  Thank you Angela for the permission to use it! Smile 



Another great Egg Nog recipe in blog land that looks tasty?  Leanne from Healthy Pursuit  posted this recipe for Egg Nog Smoothie with 1 minute vanilla whip.



Also on facebook there were a few suggestions as well!!

Zen Zero (my favourite raw/vegan place in the Comox Valley) sells this - 8oz almond milk, 4oz carrot juice, 2 dates and 1/8tsp both nutmeg and cinnamon blended with ice. It is shockingly delicious!!  (Maurissa – once again – must come visit!)

Karen suggested this recipe - Matrioshka Egg Nog

Stephanie from Dairy Free Diva suggested this recipe - More of a to taste thing.... 1 1/2 c Unsweetened almond milk, heavy pinch freshly grated nutmeg, pinch cinnamon, a good squeeze of agave nectar or honey, and a drop of vanilla. Froth with an aerolatte wand  or in a blender and enjoy :)


Do you have a favourite dairy free egg nog?  Do tell!!!  (feel free to link drop!)


  1. Hey, there's a restaurant in Kansas called Zen Zero too! Though it's an Asian noodle joint :)

    I didn't fall in love with eggnog till I went almost-vegan, ironically.

    Psst - the giveaway on my blog today is open worldwide!

  2. Thanks for sharing these delicious recipes! The Zen Zero recipe sound AMAZING! Happy Holidays :)

  3. We don't have that nog in NY, but we do have the So Delicious coconut kind...and that's pretty darn good! Love all the recipe variations on it!

  4. These recipes look delicious! It's great to know about all the nondairy options to one of my favorite Holiday treats!


  5. That's my favourite in Canada Soy Nog too! For your American Readers, I tried Silk's egg nog a few months ago while I was in the US and it was really good as well!

  6. I extremely love eggnog to death because I even used it as my topic in my essay as my favorite food ever.

  7. Mmmmmm 'Nog! I haven't had any in years. I'll have to keep an eye out because that is a Christmas tradition I definitely need to bring back.


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