Thursday, April 26, 2012

West Coast Living

So I’ve done these posts in the past – they are always one of my favorite posts.  I live in an incredible place and have awesome friends so these posts always highlights it!

It is finally beach fire season around here!   We packed up some dinner and spent Friday night with friends at the beach and it was awesome!



We live in such a magical place!   And days like this day make up for the 350 days of rain per year! Smile (Just kidding, it doesn’t rain that much, but sometimes it feels that way)


We also happen to have friends that fully embrace West Coast living AND eating!  We are always treated to a feast.   Salmon and veggie kebabs and bacon wrapped oysters!


Served on driftwood of course!



The sun started to set while the dogs played on the shore…


Usually as the sun goes down the cruise ships start to pass by, but I guess it’s not quiet time yet!


Want to come visit?  I know you do!

xo Jessica


  1. I really hope to come visit where you live someday! It's gorgeous! My parents and my in-laws have been there, and they raved about it. I've been to Nova Scotia but that's the most of Canada I've ever seen. I will say that I absolutely fell in love with it though. I keep threatening to move to Canada;-)

  2. waoh amazing I will love to do that with my family soon.

  3. beauuuutiifuuul !! we have had some fabulous weather down here too... I hope it continues! XXO

  4. beautiful! it reminds me of New Zealand.

  5. Jessica,

    These pictures made me feel so...happy! Just beautiful. :-)

  6. We do live on a beautiful island! Anytime I visit somewhere else, I'm always so thankful when I get home :) Beautiful pictures of the beach, Jess!


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