Thursday, June 21, 2012

Curried Millet with Greens

Happy first day of summer!  I don’t know where you guys all live, but here – the weather is sub par to normal “Summer” weather!   I had a few hours off yesterday and was feeling cold to the bone – I wanted something creamy, filling, thick and with a spicy kick!



Curried Millet w/Greens

1 tsp. oil

1 onion diced

1 clove garlic minced ( more if you love garlic flavour)

3 TBSP curry (I used mild spiced curry)


1 cup millet

1 red pepper sliced into short strips


2 cups chopped cauliflower

2 cups chicken broth

1 can rinsed and drained chickpeas

1 can full fat coconut milk

3 TBSP  (or to taste) fish sauce (sub 1.5 tsp. soy sauce for vegan)

1 TBSP sugar (or to taste)

5 cups packed greens!




  • Sauté onion & garlic in oil
  • Add in curry powder and millet (I find toasting the curry powder and millet adds to the flavour).
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients (except greens)
  • DSC_0834
  • Simmer on medium low for 30 – 40 mins or until millet has softened
  • Taste – you may need to add in more fish sauce and or sugar – depending on your taste buds
  • Final step – add in greens just before serving!




  • You may need to add extra water/broth  - depending on how thick you would like it.  It thickened up overnight!  
  • I say add fish sauce and sugar to taste because everyone likes their flavours different – I am a huge fan of the salty – so it may be too salty for other’s taste buds!!
  • All curries taste different and have different spice levels – so be sure to do lots of taste testing!


Hope you enjoyed this recipe!  I know I’m looking forward to the left overs!


  1. cold to the bone! wow, I'll trade you our upper 90 degree weather! :) that curry looks delicious! i love love LOVE millet -- so underrated and so fabulous!

  2. We love millet and this looks wonderful! Thanks!


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