Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Round Up

It’s been forever since I’ve opened up my Live Writer to write a blog post!    Lots going on in my neck of the woods these days mixed with summer time has made for not many interesting creations coming from the kitchen (did I mention we’re trying to sell our house and creations usually = big messes!)

However – I’m still here – and I’m still cooking (other people’s recipes!) So I thought it would be fun to do a little round up/shout out post!

First off – Summer equals lots of zucchini – so I went on the hunt for a perfect Zucchini Bread recipe and I found it at Smitten Kitchen. Best zucchini bread I’ve ever had hands down – ever!  I made a few alterations – including using whole wheat flour, chia eggs instead of regular eggs (made it vegan), and 1/2 cup less sugar!  It’s awesome and delicious and dairy free!  I’ve made it two times now (mmm it’s cooking in the oven right now!) Check it out!

Also – I’ve been making Pea’s and Thank You’s Mmmmm Sauce!  It’s perfect for dipping salad rolls in – something I’ve been making a lot of lately!  They are the perfect summer lunch!  Follow the link to see how I make them!


Also thanks to Pintrest I found the perfect tip to never buy rotten avocado again – I’ve tested it out for a few weeks and it’s true!!  It works perfectly!  Nothing worse than cutting into a rotten avocado!

I’m really happy also to see that my friend Tasha at the Clean Eating Mama is posting again!  She’s a lovely lady and she’s awesome in the kitchen!   We’ve also been chatting about a blogger meet up on Vancouver Island – let me know if your interested!

I also have been checking out lots of redesign blogs and found this AWESOME one – this chick is so creative and does everything for pennies!   She gives me so much hope for all the imperfect (but wonderful) houses we’ve been looking at !!

Also, because I still LOVE weddings check out Purely Twins wedding recaps!  It’s one of the most beautiful weddings EVER and makes me wish I had more time to plan our wedding!!

I hope everyone is doing awesome!  I really do love hearing from you guys – so always feel free to send me an email (under contact info) on facebook or in a comment!   I have a few blog posts in the works too – so hopefully you’ll be hearing from me shortly!!! 

xo Much Love,



  1. Everything from Smitten Kitchen's blog is amazing. I have never had a flop with her recipes. Can't wait to try the zucchini bread! Also, intrigued about this avocado stuff - heading to that link now!

  2. Great round-up, Jessica! Some new sites for me to check out.

  3. awe thanks girl! we remember your wedding photos, they were wonderful!!


  4. i love purelytwins too! their wedding looked like so much fun!


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