Sunday, March 27, 2011

Salad Wraps

Good morning!!

A fun, quick meal idea for you!

Take your favorite veggies (oops, I forgot cucumber)  The fresh herbs in this are essential!! Smile 

Adding some fresh mango slices is amazing too!

DSC_0040 edited

And some rice paper wraps…  put it together…


Make an awesome sauce (tahini, peanut butter, fish sauce, hosin, water and lime juice)

Another sauce I make – peanut butter, fish sauce and a whole fresh mango (blended!!)


Dip and enjoy!!!!!! Smile 


This is easily one of my favorites quick, easy meals!

Do you make salad wraps?   What are your favorite ingredients?!

Enjoy your Sunday!!

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Ps.  Up in the next few days – AMAZING creamy avocado pasta!!  SO GOOD!!


  1. Looks awesome! I usually throw whatever veggies I have into a collard leaf for a wrap.

  2. ah! i love these wraps! i do a dipping sauce that is: peanut butter, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, chili sauce, and lime juice. it's killer! i need to try your dips too! i make sure i have a little piece of basil and green onion in each and then whatever other raw veggies. i was so obsessed with this when i first learned it, i think i ate it every day for at least a week :) thanks for the reminder i think i have rice papers in the pantry and will make this today.


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