Thursday, December 23, 2010

A few daily eats!(and a few recipes!)

We’ll it’s been FOREVER since I have done some daily eats posts!!  I am loving posting every day, it feels so good!!! Smile 

Anyways, here are some things that have been on my plate lately!

Red Thai Curry – you can find the recipe here!!   This is one of my favourites!


This one was so spicy! I guess I mixed up the mild/hot spice levels (oops)

Also some more Mac and Cheese!! Click her for the recipe!


I LOVE this recipe!!

mac and cheese

Although it only seems to be good right away… not so good as left overs!! Boo… Maybe if I kept the pasta and the cheese sauce separate? 


Also, a little bit of B.L.T action…



Last but not least… I wanted to share a very special note from a friend…

She was in Hawaii, and saw this and thought of me…

She made her BF go back when she had a camera, because she knew it would be special for me…


Closer view…   so sweet.


“The best thing that one can do for the self, is to help another be an angel, and commit a kind of selfless act today.   Imagine if we all did this, we would transcend this world into what it should be – HEAVEN and we would be what we all should be… ANGELS in HEAVEN!”

So special!   Thanks Tash! xo

Enjoy your day!

xo Jess


  1. What a beautiful message, and so true!

  2. I like that sign! Reminds us to really know what that holidays are about.
    P.S. Everything you cooked is at least on my top 25 favorite dishes - well mac and cheese is on the top 3. BLT sandwich on my top 10. Thai red curry top 15 easily! :)

  3. Mac and cheese is my boyfriend. Don't tell the hubby.

  4. How beautiful is this post?! Thank you for sharing :)

    I would love to try this mac and cheese!! Hmmm i wonder what I can replace the cashews with? i think i have a nut 'issue'.

    I have been missing a creamy mac and cheese for a long time actually, this looks fab!

    Have a very merry Christmas girl! xxoo

  5. beautiful message, and I love that she went back!! <3

    you have listed three of my favorite foods here... I am totally going to try this thai curry soon!!


  6. It tasted great, thank you for sharing this Thai dish.


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