Friday, November 20, 2009

You my friends are in for a treat tonight... Red thai pineapple curry...

This dish of mine has evolved into something amazing...  It's actually become on of my favorite things to cook AND eat.   And tonight I'm sharing my secret!!

I decided to be nice to my hunny tonight and make it with chicken (for him) and tofu (for me)
Here are the ingredients
Veggies of choice - mine are red pepper, califlower, brocolli.
Protein of choice - chicken, tofu, prawns, chickpeas are all good.  I would keep the meat white (aka no steak)
1 can of pineapple in juice
1 can FULL FAT coconut milk - I've made the mistake of using "lite" I think all they do is add water to it and it looses it's creaminess.
Fish sauce - if you have never cooked with this little lovely you are truly missing out.   It smells terrible but adds such a fantastic flavor to food.  DO NOT go by the smell or you will never eat it.
A wee bit of sugar
Carb of choice - I use basmati rice, brown rice, couscous (not a fav) or pita/nan bread - Tonight is brown rice and high fiber pita bread
And the star of the show is the Thai Red Curry - I use Asian Home Gourmet.

First thing I did was cook the proteins in a wee bit of coconut oil...

The put the protiens to the side (or leave in the fry pan if you are only making 1 kind.

Add the veggies and saute..

Next up add some of the curry sauce and mix in with coconut milk.    The add the pineapple, juice and all.

Stir all together and let simmer until veggies are to your liking.
This is a good time to add some fish sauce (if it needs to be a bit salter) and sugar for a bit of sweetness.

Then serve over rice,couscous or with pita/nan bread!!

YUM... let me know if you try it!!

I also decided to document the rest of my food today too (almost)
I had for breakfast a GM and an english muffin (no english muffin pic sorry)

Then in the mail... look what I got!!

I'm excited to try the new flavors, as I just don't like the chocolate one...
I spend most of my afternoon at the climbing gym, belaying for a bunch of kids...
I had a few snacks along the way...

So good... and a Soy Chai from my favorite coffee place - they guy had it ready by the time I got to the window because I always order the same thing!! hehe

Then came home and had another GM - with the berry flavor amazing grass - bottom right corner.
It was SO SOUR - but I liked it way better than the chocolate - added a bit of honey to my GM and really enjoyed it.   I also had this...

Ryvita crackers with mayo, tomatoes and a little S&P

Good stuff.
Anyways I am off to eat my curry now and I think we are going curling tonight, that should be interesting! haha

Good night!


  1. Hmmmm, if you don't like the chocolate one, I don't know if you are going to like the others! The chocolate one is the best one :-)

  2. This sounds amazing! I'll have to pick up some fish sauce/curry to give this a try :)


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