Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Wow… blog land is QUIET!!   Is there anyone out there?

*Edit* I am having a hard time posting, I keep getting error messages…  This is my 12th time trying to post this – I hope it works!

So as you know I am working at a fitness studio!! I snapped a few photos of it the other day!



On this picture there is our fitness studio name across the back wall – but I like to keep things a LITTLE bit anonymous!

IMG_0218 blurred


It’s just small right now – but there are over 15 classes per week, and we have over 250 members!   Once September hits, we will have 20-25 classes per week, this place will be rocking!

Anyways, if you follow the Zumba page – you’ll know that they have a competition going on right now for the best “Pause” video!

Here’s the song if you don’t know it!

So the group of ladies that work at the studio are going to be doing this video tonight!

I will be sure to share it with you because I’ll need your votes!  It’s going to be a bit cheesy, but I think it will be lots of fun and hopefully we will WIN!!!!!!! Smile 

That’s all I have for today!! I haven’t been cooking much – a lot of hummus eating has been going down in this house!!  But I will soon – I’ve got some good things in mind!

Love love love you all!

Jessica signature

Ps.  I saw this the other day here and thought it was sooo cute and funny!!

Keep calm drink kombucha

Tis true!! Smile


  1. oh yes, keep us posted!! and of course, I need that sign in my house. Kombucha!!

  2. I haven't been cooking my lately at home either. I've been working with food, but I can't take photos at work. Hopefully things will settle down and you can get back in the kitchen. There's nothing wrong with hummus though. Sounds tasty to me!

  3. keep up the awesome work!!
    i've never tried zumba before..i should tho! :)

  4. Keep it up! This is really fun to read about. You sound happy and excited, and that makes me smile.

  5. Hey girl! Just catching up on blogs after a loooooong camping trip :-) Hope you are enjoying August!!


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