Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Goodness!

This weekend was a fantastic one!   Besides working (which I love anyways), the sun came out so we spent a lot of time out and about!!

So here is my Saturday via Instagram!

Back to the beach!!


Ok, this is from Camera + not Instagram, but didn’t it turn out amazing?!!?

Did a couple of walks for the walking challenge…


Came outside to see the puppy was waiting for me!!  (we cuddle on here often!) but I came out to see him just waiting for me!!



Went to the market – I was SO excited to see most of their stuff was local (it isn’t all year long)IMG_0158

We stocked up!


And filled up our fridge!!


Fridge re-cap;  Top left – smoothie add ins – including amazing grass, spirilina…  and hummus (not smoothie add in).  Top right – pickles, coconut water, pom juice, oj, beer, almond milk.

Middle left – salsa, kale, 7-up. Salad mix, cherries.

Bottom – left to right – eggs, pizza, peppers, blueberries, soyougert, beets (and beet greens)

Drawers – Veggies (left)  and fruit (right!)


I tested out a new bubbly water – it was ok…  I decided, I’m not really a fan of bubbly water! (haha)IMG_0162

I laid out in the sunshine to read my book!! 


But had a visitor – this little guy just loves cuddles..


I also spent some time in my garden – holy smokes I have some serious zucchinis! IMG_0175

And I finished off my Saturday I had some wine (from Trader Joes!)


As you probably have noticed – I’m not a drinker at all… So I had just a wee bit – about half that glass… (and felt it in the morning)

It just seemed like such a great idea at the time! Smile 


Up tomorrow a Sunday re-cap – with some tasty foods and goodies at the arts/music festival that we went too!


Week One of the Walking Challenge is already over!!

In 7/30 days  these were everyone’s totals!  

Jennifer 3 miles

Cami – 1.5 miles

Beatrix – 27 miles

Elizabeth 16 miles

Jessica (me) 8 miles

Pam 7 miles

Wendy 5 miles

There are more than this in the challenge – but a few people missed the start date – or were not able to check in.  If you want to join in for week two – update your totals here!

Well I’m off to enjoy more Sunshine and then off to work for the evening!!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. What a great, beautiful, tasty weekend!

  2. thats my new favorite perrier! so good and refreshing!

  3. I loveeee the market! And your doggy is adorable!

  4. Wow---love the first pic...and the rest of them too!

  5. I love bubbly water - especially the grapefruit flavour. I just bought a case from Costco :-)


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