Monday, August 22, 2011

Dairy Free Survival Guide

So I apologize for my lack of posting lately.  As mentioned before – life get’s SO busy sometimes!

I did think it would be a great idea to make up a Dairy Free Survival Guide of sorts. 

These are all my suggestions – with the help of some of my facebook crew.  I didn’t get anything for these suggestions – it’s just what I have enjoyed over the past few years of being dairy free.

(I apologize if I missed your name the the suggestions, there were an overwhelming amount of them – please see facebook for the feed back!)


Milk Substitute



Almond Milk (Almond Breeze, unsweetened vanilla is my favourite)  or homemade (super easy)!




 Earth Balance (Michelle and Brooke are with me on this one!)  I’ve used this in baking, mashed potatoes, on corn etc. and it’s awesome! There is a soy free version too!


Caramel (one of the things I miss the most) The closes to caramel I can do?   tahini and maple syrup

Sour Cream – cashew cream (was never a huge fan before) Sheena suggests Tofutti Better than Sour Cream

Cream Cheese


<source> Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese is awesome – dare I say better than real cream cheese?  (Sheena agrees) Sonia also suggested a tofu ricotta – here’s how she makes it. “Just crush up firm tofu with my hands (after draining it), and add some lemon juice, nooch, and italian spices + salt!”


Meltable “cheese”

I don’t enjoy any of the cheeses I have found so far, but  Brooke, Michelle, Char, Jesse and Sheena vote Daiya


Creamy Alfredo like pasta sauce

Donna and I both agree Raw Rose’s is awesome.


Cheesey product – Nooch also known as Nutritional Yeast – I use the Red Star Brand.


Yougert – homemade or soyourgut  - Michelle suggests So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt – which I have yet to see!! (I hope it comes this way soon!)


Ice Cream


So Good Butter Scotch Ripple 


So Delicious Coconut Milk Cookie Dough-both are to DIE for… Steph totally agrees with this one!


Mac and Cheese Recipe – There are a few versions out there – I’ve personally tried this one and this one


Buttermilk – dairy free milk of choice – 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice per 1 cup mik.


Creamer – coconut milk (I don’t really drink coffee, so I’m not sure on this one) and Emma suggests SOY NICE she said it’s the closest to half and half.


Chocolate Bar – Jokerz, Endangered Species  72% (I know Kris is with me),  Char also suggested the rice milk chocolate bars – which I loved until I found Endangered species!

Brooke and Michelle also voted for the Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips! I’ve never tried them!!



Since I haven’t found a cheese that I enjoy – I find the best way to make a satisfying pizza is to use HUMMUS as the base!! – then no cheese is needed!! My favourite hummus is Sabre!

Something I didn’t realize was dairy free but am happy it is – for a random treat (really good crumbled in so good vanilla ice cream)


Oreo Cookies – they are not only dairy free – but VEGAN! (Yay Alyssa think they are great too!)


Now of course this list isn’t exhaustive and I may have missed a few things – if so please leave a comment here or on facebook! 

I know being dairy free can be a real challenge – so if you ever need any suggestions or tips, feel free to post on my facebook wall or leave a message with your email!  

I have also done a list of dairy free bloggers that I know of – you can find that here!


Good luck – and I’d love to hear if I have missed anything, or if you have favourites that I missed!!

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  1. What a great and helpful list! I still need to try out some of the products listed, I'm sure they are all yummy!

  2. Hi Betty! Thank you for mentioning So Delicious Dairy Free in your Dairy Free Survival Guide! We're delighted that you are enjoying our gluten-free Cookie Dough Coconut Milk ice cream! We wanted to let you know that our Coconut Milk Yogurts will be coming to stores in Canada soon, so be on the lookout for them. We can't wait to hear what you think!

    P.S. That pizza looks amazing!

  3. This is great! I second the vote for So Delicious Coconut milk yogurt, I hope you get to try it soon, it's so good. I also use their coffee creamer (hazelnut flavor). And hey, I'm dairy free too! Comes with the territory :)

  4. Great list! I am an almond milk lover myself. I normally make my own ice cream, but that one you mentioned sounds pretty darn good!

  5. Great entry! I love Crystal Farms Vegetable Oil Spread for a butter substitute - I've had very good luck with it and 4 sticks of butter are $1.09 at Woodman's grocery stores!

    I'll have to try your hummus pizza idea!

    I'm a dairy and gluten free blogger.

  6. FAB post girl!!! I am an almond milk lover... I swoon for that stuff!!!

    I had no idea Oreos were vegan?! WTF?? I've been missing out!


  7. I love Almond Breeze! It goes in my smoothies every morning!

  8. Have you tried Rice cheese? Its made by Galaxy Nutritional Foods. Their pepper jack and mozzarella is excellent. Its the only non dairy cheese that I like. It melts just fine but it tends to stick to my teeth! Ha!

    Thanks for the list.

  9. Thanks for the list. I am a big fan of a few of those products, and now have a few more that I want to try.

  10. Hummus for pizza cheese? Um... brilliant. :-) I totally believe that oreos are vegan. They never bothered my tummy as a kid; in fact, they were my go to cookie, and I miss them ever so much!

    Awesome list! I'd try to send you some soy delicious coconut yogurt, but I don't know how it would last in the traveling! That package IS coming, btw... promise! :-)

  11. Thanks so much for this post!! I have just recently begun going dairy free and am having a hard time. This is really, really helpful.

  12. I love this post! I sooo agree about the Almond Breeze milk and the tofutti cream cheese. MMMMMM

  13. rice cheese by Galaxy Nutritional Foods is amazing. lots of diff flavors in sliced, shredded and blocks. that brand also makes vegan, veggie and soy based cheeses.

    i've found Borden's lactose free sliced cheese to be the best tasting, most "meltable" option. tastes like the real thing :)

  14. For chocolate chips, I use Ghiradelli semisweet; the semisweet is the only one that's dairy-free, but they're absolutely delicious! I also love the Bakers unsweetened chocolate for baking.

    and I'm definitely going to have to try the hummus as a pizza base; it sounds amazing!

    Thank you!


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