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A big huge welcome to all my new followers – I’m so excited the Dairy Free Facebook page has over 680 likes!  Awesome!!  

As most of you know I am Canadian (wooo!!) and I love me some good Canadian products (eh!).   I got really excited when I saw GIRLNOLA which is Canadian!


“Girlnola gourmet products are a good source of fat, high fibre and protein. Naturally sweetened and low in sodium, they provide just the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel me for any challenging day.” from the Girlnola website!

I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of package full of goodies from the director and creator of Girlnola!  (Thank you!)  I got 1 of each of her best sellers!

First I was SUPER impressed with their packaging.  Totally eye catchy and knowing me, you know I love pink!

Then gave each thing a try.


Goginana Girlnola was awesome!


Everything was SUPER fresh tasting – and all the flavors mixed awesome!   I loved it.  I actually was sad when it was gone, as I haven’t been able to find such good granola anywhere.  (did I mention it’s dairy and gluten free!!)

You can also buy it in bulk! *swoon

Up next the almondkisstruffle


Each of these were individually wrapped treats and so tasty!  They were sweet, spicy with a great sesame crunch!   I ate all 3 on the run – so sorry for no pictures! 

The ingredients are all top notch!


Lastly (and my favorite…)

Wildbunch trail mix


While you might think – awwh it’s just another trail mix (I may have been thinking this too!) it was the freshest one I have ever tasted – The cashews were INCREDIBLE – I’m almost happy I can’t find cashews that taste that good, or I would have a problem.   The mix of cashews, cranberries, blueberry and gogiberrys made for an antioxidant punch as well as a great snack!

Also included in my package were some awesome recipes cards!


PROS – Awesome FRESH taste to everything,  awesome ingredient lists,  bright fun packaging, Canadian.  Also gluten free and dairy free (yay!)

CONS -  None that I can think of – I was incredibly impressed with this product!  

Make sure to check out her website and facebook Thanks for reading!

Have you every tried any Girlonla??  What is your favorite granola ingredients?


*I was given the free product you see above.  This did not change my opinion on the product – I will always give you honest feedback!

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PS.  How are you???  I’d love to hear what’s up in your world!! Smile


  1. That granola looks incredible! Yum, coconut flakes. How is like in BC these days? Man I miss that province.

    ps. I finally tried the cashini pack you sent me - it was darrrn good. Must find more.

  2. Girlnola caught my eye at the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival in June, but I didn't get to try any! Everything sounds delicious!

  3. I love the packaging of that granola. And I LOVE the name Grinola! That is cute. Sounds super tasty. Enjoy!

  4. The packaging being super cute is a definite bonus! I've never tried it, but now I want to! Sounds delicious!

  5. Girlnola...I just love the name! It's so cute:)

  6. I'm Canadian and I've got to say those look awesome! Definitely bookmarking this post :)

  7. What an adorable name!

    Gluten free products that don't taste 'off' are hard to find (in my humble opinion) but these look good! I'll look for them when I go shopping - hopefully they're available world wide (or at least in California):-)

  8. This granola looks so good! I wish they delivered to the US. :(

  9. This is the first I have seen of Girlnola - I will have to keep my eyes peeled for it. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new followers and facebook likes :-)


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