Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seafood Feast

Glad you guys enjoyed the Calm before the Storm post!  I’m really enjoying playing with my new camera!

So life on the West Coast wouldn’t be complete without a seafood feast!  D was lucky enough to get some free scallops and a friend gave us a fresh caught Salmon.  During the summer, we talked with some friends about having a seafood night!  And we finally got together and made it happen.

Appetizers- Smoked Artic Char (un-pictured) from the Inuit Village that D’s parents work at up North and sweet potatoes chips from Costco.  ( I love these things! – mmm)


There was some beer drank.


Doesn’t it have a fun label?   I didn’t like it at all (but I don’t really like beer)!

There were some dog snuggles along the way. 


Seriously, how could you not love this dog?  (Besides the fact he’s camera shy and all the pics of him came out fuzzy!)


D was in charge of scallops.  I think it’s on his bucket list to cook a perfect scallop and serve it to Gordon Ramsay and for him to proclaim it’s not “raw.”  (If you watch Hell’s Kitchen, I’m sure you get it!!)


He’s also decided to make funny faces every time I take pictures of him.



The scallops were cooked in Earth Balance and garlic!  And just for the record, he cooked them perfectly!


I had the salmon marinating all day.  Super easy marinade that produces easy, delicious results every time!

1 part oil to 2 parts soy sauce and LOADS of fresh ground pepper.  That’s all – perfect salmon every time (especially if you BBQ)DSC_0257

The spread.


Salmon, scallops, mini potatoes (with garden chives and crumbly prosciutto)

Salad with amazing dairy free Caesar type dressing. (I will get you the recipe asap) but for now I know she put in mayo, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire and garlic.

Garlic stuff bread (soooooo good)

Here was my delicious plate.


I had more salad too because it was delicious!

Awesome meal with great friends!

Now dessert – let’s take a moment of silence for this dessert.  It’s HEAVENLY and dairy free. 

I have to make a side note – that the husband of the couple that we went for dinner with is also dairy free – so it’s always so fun to make food for him because he’s always so grateful!!  And since I wasn’t responsible for much in this meal (besides marinating the salmon) dessert was my baby, and it was my 2nd time making this dessert in a week! 

I didn’t take any pictures of it though… but I promise you, it’s the best dairy free treat I’ve had!

Check out the link for the recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and marshmallow stuffed rice crispy treats with chocolate ganache... (swoon)… 

I promise it will be true love.  It is what dreams are made of! (seriously!)

Hope you enjoyed all these treats!  I will get you the Caesar Salad dressing recipe asap!

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  1. Mmmmm.I love seafood! The scallop thing is funny---I have definitely messed them up, and would have no confidence in my presentation of the perfect scallop to gordon ramsey!
    The dessert sounds so yummy that I'm afraid to click the link---then I'm going to want to make it!

  2. Jason always makes a funny face when I'm taking his photo too. always. :)

  3. Ok, salmon has been calling my name lately!! I love marinating it for a long time....swoon!!!! What an easy marinade!!! Thank you!!


  4. Ooh, that salmon looks amazing! One of my favourite dinners ever!

  5. Those scallops are so perfectly cooked - I love the carmalization on them. YUM!!!!


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