Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alive… I am Alive!

Well hello there.

I was a little shocked to see that I haven’t posted for almost a month?  How did that happen?   I know how that happened, I have been a busy bee!!

I thought I’d do a little iPhone drop to show what I’ve been up to!!

First off any ideas what this is?  Isn’t it beautiful?



Any ideas?    


It’s the ice pattern on my car!!  So beautiful – it’s not my iPhone background! Smile 


Ok – you aren’t here for ice patterns…

What’s been on my plate lately?


black berries – lots of them… and they are soooooooo good!


The other thing that I have been eating lots of is this detox salad.


It’s sooo incredible and awesome on everything – including this turkey burger!!


If you follow me on facebook you know that I found a real treat a few weeks ago in Nanaimo.

I saw it in the mall – and walked in to ask if they had anything dairy free… AND THEY DID!!


A berry sorbet – and it was awesome!  Topped with fresh fruit and coconut!  I was in Heaven!


How nice to know when I got to Nanaimo to shop that I can have a treat!!

Speaking of Nanaimo – after a quick stop we were on our way to Victoria for awards for work!


I do not usually wear aviators – actually I think they are terrible..but it was sunny and they were the only sun glasses the hubby had in his car! (hence the silly photo!)


Funny story about the awards dinner – they were super accommodating (through email) regarding my allergy (which was awesome)… when it came to the meal though – it was a bit of a mess!   It all turned out and I appreciated it… then was dessert – I was getting some  fresh fruit at the dessert table and the waiter came up to me to say they made me a special dessert.  I was SO excited!  Here is a picture of what it looked like…

It was a huge bowl – the blue was 1/2 a blue berry (for a total of 1 blueberry).  The red was was thumb nail sizes of strawberry (in total less than 1/4 of a strawberry).  The green was mint and the yellow was an even smaller size of pineapple (in total maybe 1/1000 of the pineapple).. 


I soooo wish I would have taken a photo of it!  You would have laughed with me for sure (everyone at my table was laughing!)   Anyways I totally appreciated it anyways!! It’s just a funny dairy free story!

Moving on..

Once to Victoria – we headed to Cafe Bliss (drool).  All vegan and mostly raw I love this place!

I got this mango pudding with coconut cream – which was fantastic!  (I love that they serve everything in mason jars – which you can return to get your deposit back)


I also got some ginger kombucha, and a bunch of other fantastic desserts!  If you head to Victoria – check it out for sure!!

As you know I work 4 evenings per week – which makes dinner a huge  challenge (hence the reason I haven’t been blogging much)…  but this Sunday yummy food was made!!

Veggie chow mein, roasted asparagus and cauliflower and honey sesame chicken (from Pintrest)


such an awesome meal!    If you don’t follow me on Pintrest you should – I have a bit of a problem with it, and pin LOADS of goodies!

Also I tend to chat a bit on facebook – so I’d love it if you joined me there too!  (I tend to post short tips, ideas, recipes daily there!

Ciao for now,



  1. Haha, I love aviators. They are the only sunglasses that I think look good on me.

  2. I was so stoked when you posted about Qoola on Facebook! I thought it was all yogurt, so I'm suuuuper stoked to get me a vegan treat next time I'm at the mall! I wish I'd known you were coming, I would have joined you :D

  3. That is a stunning picture! I would never have guessed it was ice on your windshield. Although...where I live we never get to see that so it's completely new to me!

  4. You look cute in aviators - you should wear them more often! Also - I'm following you on Pinterest! I'm addicted too - it's ridiculous!


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