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Dairy Free on Valentine’s Day

Being dairy free on Valentine’s Day feels like a drag – all those velvet covered  heart shaped boxes of yummy chocolate.  Chocolate roses, chocolate fondues… everything about Valentine’s day is about indulgence – and indulgence usually means full fat cream, butter and dairy laden chocolate!

I’m here to save you! 


(Sweet hearts above are dairy free!) – source

You can check out my post from Valentines last year – full of Valentine’s Day treats including a nut based lemon cheesecake, banana lemon pie, banana soft serve with caramel and chocolate sauce and my favorite – chocolate love affair cookies!

Up at the top of my list today – Fruit Kebabs with Brownies and Chocolate Drizzle


A link to a few other tasty treats – (note the rolos are not dairy free)… this link includes – chocolate dipped figs with pecans, chocolate drizzled jube jubes (sooo good!)

I made this chocolate fudge at Christmas time and it was LOVED by everyone.  I also warmed up some peanut butter in the microwave and swirled it through – SO good!

My ABSOLUTE favorite caramel recipe – I used this to make turtles and peanut clusters – it takes about 5 mins total, and your dairy free loved one will feel SO loved!

Over Christmas I made Oh She Glows Sinless Sticky Toffee Date Pudding – it was incredible and gooey!!



Not a pretty picture but what can you do?

Peanut Butter Cups

These little beauties are a favourite around our house. Also last year they won a Christmas baking contest! They are so simple, yet so tasty!

• 1 cup chocolate chips
• 1 TBSP coconut oil (optional, but adds to the flavours)
• 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
• 1/2 cup icing sugar
• Mini cupcake liners (Dollar store often has fun holiday themed ones!)

-Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil in a double boiler until smooth.

-Mix peanut butter and icing sugar together to form a dough. If dough is sticky to touch, add extra icing sugar.

-Add a bit of melted chocolate to cupcake liner. Tap on counter until chocolate fills bottom of liner.

-Once all liners are full, put into fridge or freezer until solid.

-Once chocolate is solid, take a dime size amount of peanut butter dough and roll into a ball, then flatten.

-Add to liner; keep the peanut butter dough away from the corners of the liner.

-Cover with a bit of melted chocolate – tap until peanut butter is covered.

-Return to fridge/freezer until harden.


Something I want to make very soon – Chocolate Dipped Oreos!! (yes Oreos are dairy free!!)



Melt some dairy free chocolate (like Endangered Species 72%) with a little coconut oil in a double boiler on the stove. 

Dip the Oreos in the chocolate and cover completely.  Place  dipped Oreos on parchment paper – now’s the fun part! Decorate with sprinkles, or edible sparkles – you could have fun with this one!!

Place dipped Oreos in the fridge until hardened, and then place each Oreo in a Valentines (or red) cupcake liner!!   Voilà – a beautiful jester of the deepest dairy free love! 


How about some chocolate fondue??? (I loooooove chocolate fondue)

Make this to taste (may need to adjust ingredients – this is just a rough guess of what I put in);

1 TBSP - Raw Cocoa Powder

2 TBSP - Maple Syrup (or Agave)

2 TBSP Warm Water



spices if you like – get creative – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, chilli powder, curry

1 TBSP – Peanut Butter, Tahini or other nut butter (Cashew would be dreamy)

1 tsp. – macca powder (optional – but good to help with the feelings of LOVE!)

Liquor – Sub Kahlua (which is dairy free) or an orange liquor for the water.

Mix it all together and get dipping!

Ideas for dippers – fruit, dried fruits, angel food cake, graham crackers, marshmallows, brownies



Oh and then there is Chocolate Covered Katie's 20 Valentines Day Treats! (SERIOUSLY drooly)…

Remember – ANY vegan recipe is dairy free – and 99% of Raw recipes are dairy free (there are a few with Raw Dairy in them?!)


Hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and you find something sweet for yourself and for your sweetie!



  1. Yummy! I like those kabob ideas! Delish!

  2. This reminds me that I must buy valentines and make treats for my students!!!

  3. oh gosh, I'm pretty sure I want all of those! Chocolate fruit kebobs, chocolate dipped Oreos, and peanut butter cups are music to my ears <3

  4. It all sounds amazing...but I'd have to go for sugar free too! I haven't thought of any valentine treats for this year, but I really want to come up with a sugar free and dairy free one for my little client who has recently been put on a special diet!

  5. Yummers....this all looks great! I love the idea of chocolate fruit kebobs!

  6. I love that fun fact about Oreos... and dark chocolate dipped Oreos are one of the easiest crowd-pleasers in the book. I love making a huge batch over the holidays! I tagged you in this morning's 11 things post: Hope all is well! xo

  7. You're so amazingly creative! I absolutely love the kebabs and would love to have them with some of that fondue. Yummy! ^^


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