Monday, October 4, 2010

Boo Marie Claire Magazine

This isn’t something I would normally write about, but I think the more people that protest again something like this, the better.


So, if you read many healthy living blogs, you have probably heard about the big controversy going on between the “Big Five” blogs and Marie Claire Magazine. 

Marie Claire posted a very disheartening article about some of the most loved bloggers which you can read here .

It’s really surprising that a journalist can manipulate a story so much.  If you read any of these blogs you know that they are inspiring women who are taking charge of their health and have made a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  Along the way they have inspired many other people to change their lifestyles as well. 

I know many of these blogs have inspired me,  more so than any magazine and their false claims.   I just think it’s a shame that Marie Claire posted such a demeaning article.

If you have something to say about this article, you can contact the editor via e-mail at You can also comment on their Facebook wall.(Unfortunately you have to “like” it to post a comment, but then can easily unsubscribe)


The following is what I wrote, in case you need inspiration!

I also have to comment on "The Hunger Diaries", I find that all of these blogs are a much more realistic representation of a healthy lifestyle than any of the stuff you find in typical magazines. These women are real, beautiful and inspiring. Everyone has rough days when they eat something they regret, and that's what blogging is all about, being real and authentic.
It's really disappointing that you posted such a mean spirited (and untrue) article.

Based on this article alone, I will no longer be picking up your magazine again, which is a shame as I really enjoyed it, but it makes me wonder that no one questioned this article before this magazine was published.
To the bloggers that were affected by this, continue what you are doing, you are doing an amazing job inspiring many people, each and every day!

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