Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye…


Any idea what I may be?

DSC_0454 How about now???

Eye spy with my little eye…

DSC_0459 BUBBLE TEA with a VERY special straw…

DSC_0455 Glass Dharma asked me if I was interested in a FREE bubble tea straw… and I said YES PLEASE…

DSC_0456 Not only are these straws BEAUTIFUL but they are good for the environment!! 

Think of ALL the bloggers that drink green smoothies… now think of all the plastic straws that get tossed in the garbage!  This is an AWESOME alternative!

DSC_0457 This one made specifically for BUBBLE TEA was perfect… they “bubbles” fit through perfect!!

DSC_0458 Oh how I love the bubble tea… and oh how I love glass dharma straws!!    This one got added to the ever growing collection I have!!   If you are wondering what the red dots are on the straw, they are there to make it PURTY and so that they don’t roll!!  Brilliant huh??

Check out Glass Dharma’s blog to see all the fun stuff they have!!  And thank you again for the lovely straws!!

They make bubble tea drinkin so much easier!

DSC_0461 Have you tried bubble tea??   

Do you have a GLASS Dharma Straw yet?    If not you should!! Even if you are North of the Border, as the shipping was very reasonable!! 

Thank you to Glass Dharma for letting me try out these awesome straws!


Sorry for the lack of posting…

I am missing blogging like crazy, but I just don’t have time for it right now.  I am SO GRATEFUL to all my readers that are sticking around, I really appreciate you guys!



  1. ooooh lucky you getting some glass dharma straws. I do love them myself. Off to get some this week. You really took some pretty photos with your bubble tea too!

  2. YUM I love bubble tea!! my favorite flavor is taro... these photos look so pretty! :)

  3. The straw is so cool!! I also LOVE bubble tea :-)


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