Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you Fallen for Fall?

Happy Monday!!

How are you guys doing??

What do you think of the FALL look of Dairy Free Betty?? (If you are reading in email, click to the website to see!!)

I also added some new tabs – RAW and About me!! (finally)  The 1st year anniversary of Dairy Free Betty is fast approaching, so I thought maybe I should change things up a wee bit!!


I have actually been cooking (AKA procrastinating from school)!

There have been some pumpkin fudge brownies ala Spa Bettie

DSC_0443 DSC_0441Ooohy gooey and oh soo good!


Some Oatmeal Pancakes… one of my favourites!

DSC_0435I made them 2x, because they are such great vessels for maple syrup and pb!!  


And some salad with TOFU croutons

DSC_0439To make the tofu croutons, sauté tofu with some oil, soy sauce, garlic powder… cook until a bit crunchy,  add Nooch last minute to make cheesy! 

DSC_0437They are tasty!!   I’m sure you could make them other flavors too!


Next up… My Dave proclaimed “Hippy Meal” – homemade baked beans, parsnip fries and my home-grown kale sautéed with sesame seeds!

I am SO in love with parsnip fries!!! DSC_0457_____________________________

I am so torn about the switch to Fall.  

On one hand there is all the beautiful changes of color.






but then there is the DARK drive to school every morning *UGG* the joys of leaving at 7:30am!!    

On the other hand… there are the beautiful colors!



DSC_0454 Sooooo pretty. 

As you can see, I have also been taking lots of Fall pictures… another form of procrastination!!  haha

Anyways, time for me to get back to reading!! I have my practicum later too…  I’m really enjoying being in schools with the kiddies!!


Ciao for now… stay tuned for some YUMMY Crockpot PEA SOUP!


  1. I am so happy you liked the brownies!! :)

    I like your new page - the leaves are great... and your photos in this post are BEAUTIFUL !

    <3 Have a great week!!

  2. HOLY cow. What a coinkidink! Just less than 2 hours ago i made pumpkin chocolate chip brownies then i seee this! Those brownies you made look great :) Mine weren't raw though, but very fluffy and warm! Great with vanilla hemp milk ice cream. Lovee fall, and surprisingly i've started to love Mondays.

  3. love the pics of leaves and those parsnip fries look amazing! I'll have to try that! I have to admit parsnip isn't something I use very often but it has such a naturally spicy flavour :)

  4. Mmmmm, I am excited for the pea soup recipe!!! That is one soup I have never made before, and the hubby and I are definitely BIG soup lovers!

  5. Love me some tofu croutons!!!
    They ROCK!!!!
    Lovely autumn photos too!!!!

  6. Parsnip fries are my favorite way to eat parsnips! Num num num.

  7. You have captured fall in all its beauty, nice shots.


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