Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Walk this Way–30 miles in 30 days Challenge

So I was talking to a friend, that has a friend that is doing a 30 mile in 30 day challenge. (which equals 48.28km).  To some this might sound like nothing (hello marathoners), but to some this may seem like a huge challenge…

I have been loving walking lately.  They hubby and I have done 2 good hikes around my beautiful town…

Hike #1 -





Such a great time.  Here were the stats from my pedometer iPhone App.



And Hike #2

We took the dog (who loves car rides)


I rocked out in my new t-shirt I won from Karen! (Which makes me feel bad ass).








This trail is filled with hills (and stairs) but here were the stats..


So here’s the deal – I would LOVE to start this Baby Walk this Way - 30 miles in 30 days challenge with anyone interested.   I made up a page on my facebook page and would love for you to join.

Click here to join the group and introduce yourself!

I figure we can start this challenge MONDAY – July 25th and do it for 30 days – which brings us to August 23rd  - if I counted right Winking smile

Each day you walk, run, rollerblade or any thing like this that is extra on top of regular running around– pop by the above page and document what you did and your total. 

For example  Today I walked 4.6km (total 10.2km).  Make sense?

It’s just a friendly challenge, a great way to get to know each other and chit chat! And hopefully we will all inspire each other to get out there! Smile  Just think if you complete the 30 in 30, it’s like doing a marathon and a bit in a month! WOOO.

I’d love to think anyone can do this too- even if you can only do half a km per day, I’d love for you to join us!

Again click here to join the fun!  

PS. if anyone wants to donate prizes – that would be fun too – if not, we can just do it to have good times and to get active!

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  1. What a great idea! you're going to have so much fun!! :)

  2. Can't wait to start! This will get me working out more! Yay! Thanks for posting!

    Btw - waiting for new scoby to hatch... then package will follow. :-D

  3. You my friend always make me smile!! I how gorgeous these pics are! hiking is something I really enjoy :)


  4. What GORGEOUS photos! You are making me want to hop on a plane and come for a visit. I'm positively desperate to see real GREEN. I'll be in London in 2 weeks so hopefully that should satiate me for a while.

    I'm pretty sure we get 30 miles, if not more, in 30 days. Not counting jogging or time at the gym, simply because with 3 rambunctious pooches we have to go on long dingo hikes every single day to keep them happy. I estimate we clock at least 2 or 3 miles a day walking these pups.

  5. After not running at all for a couple of years, I've been throwing around the idea of doing a Halloween Half Marathon...this might be just what I need to get me started! Great challenge!

  6. I plan on walking/running or jogging at least a mile per day starting Monday, but I won't be around a computer much in August (10 day camping trip) etc. to participate in the facebook page.

  7. Woohooo for shirts that make you feel badass!!!!!!!!

    And you know what - I think it's just awesome that you're doing this challenge! I haven't been doing too much running lately given the plantar fasciitis I've been dealing with . . . but I dream of the day I can hit the pavement again!


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