Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alternatives for Valentines Day…

So if this is your first dairy free Valentine’s Day, you must be feeling sad…

Chocolate is basically the theme of Valentines Day and there isn’t much chocolate or yummy desserts out there that you can easily find…

So I’ve done another round up for you, of YUMMY dairy free deserts!!

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First off… RAW Lemon Cashew Cheesecake…  Oh yes, you heard it right (AMAZING)

I even made if for some cheese cake lovers, and they said it was delish.


Up next, RAW banana lemon pie… another winner here folks.  This one was made at my raw food course this summer, and was easily one of my favorite pies ever!


Or how about a dairy free ice cream sundae?  With chocolate sauce AND caramel sauce?  What a treat!


Then of course, there is my favorite… “Chocolate Crinkle Love Affair Cookies”  You all know these are my FAVORITE!!


Another recipe well know in blog land is some Cashew Cream!!  Basically you soak cashews, rinse then and then blend them with water.   You can add in orange zest, vanilla bean or whatever you like and volia – you have a yummy cream sauce for over any of your deserts,   check out here for the exact instructions.

Last but not least… if you go to THIS link – there are a TON of video for raw/vegan (aka dairy free) desserts!!

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What do you think?  Are you feeling better now about the day of LOVE (and chocolate?)

If you have a great dairy free treat link – please feel free to post it under comments or on my facebook!

Since I won’t be here to say it.  If you celebrate Valentine’s Day – Happy Valentines Day to you!!  If you don’t – then… have a nice day on that day…   Winking smile 

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  Ps.  Today is my last day of posting manually – every other day is set up to do it automatically, so please come back, even though you might not see me on facebook or twitter!! I have some great guest posters up for you, and on my actual wedding day, a picture of my dress!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile


  1. Mmm....I haven't made a raw pie in a while-I miss those, maybe this wknd:)
    Gluck-have a great time (how can you not?) I'm so excited for you....oh and check your inbox!

  2. Have a WONDERFUL WEDDING TRIP!!! I'll be thinking about you while you're gone! xoxo

  3. Hope you're having a great time. Wow, the banana, raspberry, blueberry pie looks yummy!

  4. Have a wonderful trip!!!

    I won't be having any dairy this valentines day either - the hubby and I are doing a vegan for a week challenge together :-)


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