Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And the summer stuff is gone....

What a sad day :(   We officially put away all the summer furniture.  I love summer, and fall... and spring...  Winter on the other hand no thank you!!  I could easily live somewhere that was warm all the time, and i'd go visit the rainy/snowy places when I felt the need! haha 

Oh a happier note Dave and I went for SUSHIIIIIIIIII for lunch.  Have I ever told you how much I love sushi??
It's very possible it's on my top 10 favorite things in this world.    I had a spicy scallop roll (my fav) and a dynamite roll (spicy tempura prawn)  smokin hot!!    I also stole Dave's miso soup that came with his meal! YUM!  - I didn't take any pictures because I'm still a little shy about whipping out my camera in a restarant!  hehe

Then we went for a walk with the D.O.G. in the trails.   I forgot my camera but I took these pictures awhile ago. Soo beautiful hey?  This trail is about 2 min walk from our house.

Then off to Superstore for reglar Superstore adventures (ie; terrible drivers, grumpy people and line jumpers)  I had to just laugh it off... people take grocery shopping SOOOO seriously sometimes!  Gotta love those people!

For dinner, we tried to relive our summer and made burgers on the BBQ.   It was sooo good!! 

We had so many BBQ's this summer as  we had Newfoundland family here for the whole month of July.
And we snapped a few but chilly pictures.

I'm happy Dave is home,
can you tell?

Anyways, I'm off to visit with some friends!!  Feel free to comment, it makes my day (and I updated it so anyone can comment!!) 

Oh... better forget my 2 stars and a wish!
*I'm sure you can guess this one... do I even need to say???
*That the sun was shinning again!!!  I love the sun... yahoo for Vitamin D!!

Wish - that I get my to do list done tomorrow... it's a big one!!

Sweet dreams


  1. Now you need to try and make your own sushi!!

  2. oh i have tried. I'm terrible at making the sushi rice. Any tips? :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Mmmmm, I love both of those kinds of sushi roles! I always feel so healthy after eating sushi :-) Yummmy! I would never try making it, it is too easy to just buy it, and I wouldn't feel safe using anything raw at home.


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