Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMG... Oh My Gawd!!!!!!!

"To whom it may concern,
Please accept my package for the Human Service Worker Programer. "
WHAT THE BLEEEEEP...  Am I  really doing this... I sure hope it's the right decision!! :)
Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyways, I feel the need to give credit where credit it due...   If you have not checked out healthy balance butter, now is your chance.. Click here for the linkThis stuff is amazing.   I have just tried out the orginal natural butter spread ( I must try other flavors)  and I used it on everything; popcorn, toast, baking.  
It's Vegan AKA  No cow juice!!
I highly suggest it for vegans and meat eaters alike!!

I even suggested it to my butter lovin parents and they tested it out on fish and said it was "delish".   Dave's mom who is a wonderful "Newfie cook" used it for everything while she was visiting this summer and said it worked pefect in all her recipes.   So I feel like they deserve all the kudos in the world!!        
Earth Balance, I would be lost without you!!  

So I am feeling pretty stressed today, this school thing is SUPER stressful for me... Plus I'm still dealing with EI, and trying to convince them they should help paying for my schooling... which is almost like having a full time job!!   Oh well...  I need to do something to "de-stress" today.   A walk most likely,  and a green monster in a very fancy glass to make me feel "swanky!!"   Probably going to concoct? (is that a word?) something simple like;  Spinach (the leafy green of the God's) frozen banana, PB, hemp seeds and some new light soy milk from Superstore!! (Review to come later)   I am patiently (it's been 9 days) awaiting the arrival of my Amazzzzzzzzing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood Powder...  That will make green monsters so much more fun. 

Anywhoo... so far this morning I made 2 eggs with toast and guess what else.... EARTH BALANCE!!!! 
and I'm off to make my green monster for my morning snack.  

Have a super fantastic day, 
And of course share this blog with everyone you know!! :)  ... Please :) 



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  1. Wow - I wanna try Earth Balance ... I doubt they sell it in Saskatchewan though ... but I am gonna check!!


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