Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lance's Dance and my favorite beauty tricks!

Good morning!

I am so grateful for the positive feedback on this blog!! I'm having so much fun writing it!!

Anyways, I woke up to the sun shinning and Lance being a total nut... he chases his back leg when he is bored and he's been doing it all morning. Here is the video of him doing it a few weeks ago... you have to watch the whole thing, it keeps getting better!! (and excuse the gigglehaha) Click here to see Lance's Dance
Anyways. I'm excited because Dave comes home today!!!!!!! YAY!!!! He should be here in a few hours which means I have lots to do. He loves having a clean house, I'm not a clean freak by any means so when he's gone for a few days I slack off for sure!! EEK...

I told you last night I'd let you know about my natural body stuff. It's all super easy and gives me the best success out of anything I've tried!!

~Crystallized honey - put about a teaspoon on your face, and use it as an exfoliater, and then leave it on... your face will never feel this soft. (Sensitive faced people beware, might not be the best for you!)

~Brown sugar + oil (olive, almond, baby) mix equal parts together so you get a somewhat thick paste. Jump into the shower - (don't actually jump, I don't want to get sued!!haha) DON'T TURN THE SHOWER ON... And start scrubbing away from the bottom up!! (every
where but your face) After you are all done... rinse off with warm water and then pat to dry. Your skin will be sooooooo soft. You don't need cream after this at all.

These are the most wonderful spa treatments ever!! Also... a Ohsheglows tip too, use coconut oil for a moisturizer. It is amazing!!! Your skin will be super soft, unfortunately I bought some cheap stuff, and it doesn't smell like coconut.. boo... next time I'll spend some extra $$ for sure!

Not much food stuff to report yet... I had 2 pieces of toast with earth balance butter and a green (purple) monster. I added some berries in today and it turned out the weirdest color... it was good though just a little different!!

Anyways, must go get extra beautiful for my hunny's return (and clean the house!!)

Have a great day

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  1. Thanks for the great beauty tips!! I am always looking for all natural "products".


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