Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An hour that changed my life and pumkin photos from last night!

So while doing my career research today, I called Aids Vancouver Island (AVI), expecting to do my 10 min conversation and be done with it.   Instead I had one of the most interested conversations ever, followed by an hour visit to our local AVI location.   So after speaking to this guy for a few mins, and him telling me he just graduated from the same program in June, he invited me down to chat in person.  So I walk into this very sketchy building, not sure what to expect.   He meets me with a huge smile and invites me into his office.   We spent nearly and hour talking about the program and his work, all the while their clients coming in to do needle exchanges, to get personal care items and to come to a safe haven*sigh*  it's something the average person never experiences.    One lady walked past the door, eyes sunken in, skinny as ever (and a few more details I don't want to share)  I honestly had to close my eyes and take a deep breath and remind myself that addiction is something that can happen to anyone.  Many people have other theories on this one, but I honestly believe it can happen to any of us.   Anyways, it just made me so grateful  to be where I am, and reassured me that I want to help people... maybe not as deep in the trenches as AVI... but something along those lines. 
ANYWAYs.. eek.. that was dark and deep...  I swear I am not that person, but I felt like I needed to share that experience.   Also if you live in our town, they are always accepting donations for clothing, most of their clients are living on the street... Contact me if you have stuff and I will come pick it up and donate it. 

Back to food...  Eek I'm not sure how to follow that, but I felt the need to say it.




I went grocery shopping today... 
Here is what was in the cart...
For dinner;  extra lean beef (they were out of chicken),  taco seasoning, refried beans and avacado! YUM!!  I am going to try to make tortillas from scratch. 

Also on the list; For green monsters - peach slices, pineapples, spinach and cranberries??  (Maybe)

And for lunch, subway - roasted chicken, no cheese, no sauce just veggie love... and then I added a scoop of vegetable hummus, some avacado and a squirt of honey mustard (They always put on WAY too much sauce, even when you beg them not too)

As for my soy milk review... here's the culprit (and my green monster from this morning)...  Silk Light...

  It was ok...  I'm not a huge fan of soy milk, I would take  the Unsweettend vanilla almond breeze any day.     The taste was alright... the 3rd ingredient was sugar... it was only 70 calories per cup, which is pretty good (Almond Breeze unsweetened is only 40 cal/cup)  It tasted like soy with a tiny vanilla flavor.  The texture is smooth and light, so that was nice... That's my hugest pet peeve about soy milk is the texture.    I will try it in a soy chai tonight and see... 

Ok... last but not least.. PUMPKIN pictures yay!!  I was very surprised to find out that Dave had never carved a pumpkin before... He did a great job, even though 1/2 his pumpkin was rotton!! 

Yay for fun pumpkins!!

                         Cute hey???

              Big Mama and her scary boyfriend
                   It's really hard taking picture in the     dark... this was the best I could do!!!

Anywhoo.. I'm outta here!   Off to work for me...  Halloween Party Yehaw!! :)   Good night crew...


  1. Have fun at the Halloween party!!

    I agree, unsweetened vanilla almond milk RULES! Way better than soy milk ... plus there are many studies that say eating too much soy is not healthy and can affect the reproductive system - not cool.

  2. Hey Jolene... Yes, I totally agree... I just wish almond breeze was a wee bit cheaper, sometimes our grocery store puts it on for 16.00 for 12, so I have to make sure to grab it when it's that super cheap!!

    ps. thanks for writing on my blogs!! :) I know there are other people reading, but you are the only commenter! ;)


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