Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rain rain... go away!!

Another day perfect for a cozy day inside!! (even though I went out this morning haha)

It was so dreary and nasty out this morning for breaky I made a hawiian ispired green monster and it was delish'  
1/4 frozen nanner, some canned pineapple with juice, a wee bit of coconut milk, spinach and soy milk!!  It was so yummy.  I also had a rasin english muffin...  yum!  Oh yah, and I took a picture of it with some of the coloring sheets I was given last night at work to put on my fridge!!

Then I headed off into the rain for a coffee date with my dear friend Wendy (who reads my blog!! yay Wendy) we played at Starbucks... I had a venti peppermint tea (my tummy was a wee bit upset)  Then I headed home for lunch - whole wheat bagel with hummus, avacado and cucumber.. it was so good!!    Now I'm baking away in the kitchen making pumpkin seeds (I stole all the seeds from 5 pumpkins last night at work!)  and peanut butter cookies... Once I am done baking a blogging, I'm going to sit down for some RR and have a soy chai (homeade) with a peanut butter coookie!

Hope you all have a cozy afternoon... I never ended up making those tortilla, but I think I will we can have burritos for dinner!!   Here is a picture of my beautiful flowers this summer... in memory of sunshine! :)

DFB xo 


  1. Oh flowers ... when will you come back to me? I can't wait the whole winter ... please come now.

  2. I know hey? I looooove that time of year!!

  3. Good Job on the cookies!!!


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