Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Awwh the stress of the holidays... and oatmeal pancakes! ha

Ok.  I'm feeling stressed today *pouts*
Dave's BIG gift, which I ordered in late October is still not here.
I can't get into details, because he reads my blog (Hi honey!)

I have been calling and calling with no answer... booo I've left message, natta.
This morning I called, left a message and told them they NEED to get back to me because
I AM STRESSED!!!!!!!! 

*sighhhhh*  just breathe.

Ok.  onto better news!
First off the peanut butter cups got an honorable mention (and won a giveaway!!!) at Kris's wonderful blog!
I Heart Wellness...   Go visit her and say hiya!!

Also, one of the funniest things I've read in a long time All I really needed to know, I learned from a food blogger!   It's really really funny and if you have a food blog (or no someone who does) you will totally get it!

Onto eats - I CANNOT BELIEVE I have yet to blog about one of my favorite breakfasts (that I never make) This concoction is loved by many of my friends and family and always requested when our group of friends goes to the mountain or a cabin!!   AND IT'S SOOO EASY!

Sorry I don't have exact amounts, I just throw it all together... but it's hard to go wrong, just don't let it get to runny!!
Baking powder
1 egg
Wee bit of milk (I use almond milk) 

Mix them all together.

Until it looks like this

Silly blogger, flippin my pictures again!!  Sorry guys, guess you have to look sideways again.

Toss them in a pan and fry them up until they are cooked through!
I usually make a blueberry syrup for these, but today I wanted comfort goodness

Peanut butter, maple syrup and chia seeds.  
Note too - there is no sugar in these, you can add some if you want, but it's not needed.
I have also added protein powder.
The sky is the limit with these little babies!
You could make them savory or sweet!!

Last night's dinner was fantastic too...

I found some new settings on my little point and shoot, and some of my pictures are coming out better!
Steak - which was super yum (it was HUGE and I didn't even come close to finishing)
Crispy Kale, Steamed Cauliflower and a few baked french fries!
Soooo yummy.  Dave makes the best steak!

Another honorable mention to him... 
yesterday through blood, sweat and maybe tears?  he put laminant in our hallway!

It looks soo good.  We used to have light carpet that Lance destroyed!
And the walls were a darker brownish... now it's bright and fresh!
New baseboards are next!!

Last but not least... it snowed last night... A lot..
This morning it's a slushy mess BUT two good things came out of it.

Some sweet soul shoveled our drive way last night (good karma to you)
and Lance had his first experience in the snow.

He loves it. I wish I could have taken a video.
He was sooo excited.

Anywhoo.. Send me some stressless vibes today ok?
Stress and I don't work well together -
I always get bad headaches, upset stomach and cry on que.

It will all be good... :)   I'm going to take a bath, maybe do some yoga and then get to my day!!

Love love love to all of you!!

What are your de-stressors?



  1. those pancakes look amazing and for sure something I am going to try!! thanks for posting!

  2. Hey girlie!
    OMG you guys DO have snow out there! :)
    Are you loving it? I have relatives in Vancouver and I know they always WISH for a white christmas - it doesn't always happen.
    Have a great day!

  3. Mmmmm...pancakes! Those look good!

    H =)

  4. sweetie are you sure you didnt get scammed out of his present. gosh i hope that isnt what happened to you especially if they arent answering your calls.

    pancakes look delish!

  5. Those oatmeal pancakes look delicious, Jessica! This time of year, baking is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. Playing with the puppy helps too. :) Hope you're enjoying the snow!

    i LOVE oatmeal pancakes..look awesome!
    destress=hot bath or yoga!

  7. I had pancakes this morning too. The best way to start a day... My best de-stress tactics are working out and reading.

  8. Ooooh, yum! I love oatmeal pancakes! :)

  9. Those pancakes look amazing! I am definitely trying those for breakfast soon!

    That's insane that you haven`t gotten the gift yet I would be completely flipping out.

  10. To de-stress I like to have a hot shower then curl up on the couch and watch TV with the hubby.

    That laminate looks really nice! He did a great job :-)

    Also, oatmeal pancakes sound delicious - I have never had them before.

  11. Sultan's Tent is fabulous! Casbah on 11th ave sw is also very good if you're looking for Moroccan.

    H =)

  12. The pankcakes look great, thanks for sharing!

  13. Yum! I'm definitely going to try those pancakes, what a fab idea!

    Mincemeat is raisins, apple, orange and lemon rind and spices all mixed and its soooooooo good!

    x x

  14. i made this "oatcakes" this summer for the first time and LOVE them!!!


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