Friday, November 5, 2010

102 days…

It’s 102 days until our wedding…

We will be getting married on this beach…


And I can’t remember if I ever shared our invitations… if not these are them.   How cute are they?

davidjessinvites Pretty fitting too I think…

IMG_0804 My mom just gave me the news that the bridal shop that I got my dress at just closed down!  EEEK… I’m so glad I got my dress before… I’ve only had it for a few weeks!!

In case you missed it… I have made my bridesmaids bouquets


All the fun stuff for the reception arrived the other day too!!  Such fun stuff, but I can’t show you yet!!!!!!

Anyways, I’m just so excited, and haven’t taken a food picture in over a week………  so I thought I should come say hi!!




  1. Ours is FIVE days away!!!!!!! Eeeeeee!!!!! So excited!!!!!

    Btw I still have your coupons. Total fail huh? I think I will enclose a present when I send them along. Sorry!

  2. where are you getting married again? looks beautiful...

    I LOVE your invites - so cute - and a great photo of you two! :D I can't wait to see all the details after!

  3. The flowers are so pretty - good colour choice! I love the little details of weddings!!!


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