Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winter wonderland!

Are you snowed in??

After over 3 hours of back and forth with our school, it’s official we have a snow day today.  It’s a 45 min drive to school and the roads aren’t so pretty, so gratefully they understand and the 5 commuters get to stay home today.  

We don’t have crazy amounts of snow, but it’s the black ice that’s the kicker,  last night it was a ice rink… I was sliding on gravelled roads!!   But it’s pretty!




Our pooch loves the snow!!  Funny part is, he snorts it when he is out there, and then spends a few minutes coughing!! haha


Sassy pants!!



anyways…. FOOD!

I made the MOST AMAZING pizza the other day  - I had to use my flash for the pictures though, so they aren’t very good… but it will help you get the point.


I took one of those pilsbury pizza dough,  spread it with hummus, asparagus, peppers, spinach and sprinkled with sundried tomatoes.  SO GOOD!


It took under 15 mins to cook……. and it was SO good. I loved the hummus rather than tomatoe sauce… no need for cheese!!


I love pizza!!!

I also will give you a sneak peak of my breakfast, pretty much every school morning…


Sauteed mushrooms and crab with egg whites and a “garlic bread” mini bagel… aka bagel with earth balance, nooch and garlic powder until the broiler…

I change it up with different bread sources such as brown rice wraps, mini pitas etc.

And there has been some crockpot soup too… jam packed full of veggies…


I tossed carrots, butternut squash, potatoe, turnip, peppers into the crockpot loads of garlic – let is simmer all day while at school… came home and added chicken bullion and other spices and blended it up in the Vitamix!!  SO yummy!!


I’ve also been playing with my wedding hair!!  I really want to wear it down, but thought I would play with it up too…

Don’t mind the self shots…   What are your thoughts? 




or DOWN (pics from a pervious wedding)

I am the curly hair one with doing the brides veil…





Happy Thanksgiving to the US readers!!!  And anyone in snowy gross weather… drive safe… xo



  1. wow!! Lots of snow!! So beautiful. Send some our way.

  2. Ahh! It hasn't snowed here in Missouri yet, but I know it's inevitable, and it will come eventually. Stay warm and be safe!!

    I like your hair up, because I really love the flower in it : )

    P.S. I'm lovin' the holiday blog look!

  3. I love love love your hair up! I think it looks so beautiful and classy. And I love the flower in it too. I wore my hair up, simply because I got married in a warm destination, and thought an "up-do" would help me stay cooler (ie NOT SWEAT) and would last longer than styling my hair down.

    Did you do the up-do yourself????

  4. I'm loving the up do girl. I reckon you should rock the 'up' hair. And I LOVE Pizza too. Especially this one. Looks so delicious.

    Lucky you with the snow and the days off you get in return ;)

  5. What about part of your hair is down, but a portion is up with that lovely pin? I love that white rose in your hair. :-)

    Enjoy your romp in the snow!

  6. Oh yeah - we have LOADS of snow. It is sick :-) The driving conditions are terrible.

  7. I think it looks really great UP with that flower. Very pretty!

    We have a TON of snow too!

  8. Wow that snow is beautiful! We had snow here Thursday morning but it melted by nighttime!

  9. Damn! That pizza looks incredible! Wow.

    And I love the up pictures of your hair! So pretty!


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