Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainin on a Sunday

Hey guys!

Long time no see!! 

I thought I should drop by and say HI, it’s been so long, but life (as always) has been chaotically busy!! Good news, only 4 weeks left of school before CHRISTMAS BREAK!  I am sooo ready!!


I haven’t had much to post on the food front lately, because I have had to change my eating habits to the COMPLETE opposite of how I have been eating.   Click here to find out why.

I’ve had to eat things like white bread & pasta!  EEK!  It is really helping me with my stomach problems!  I have also had to cut out all red meat, caffeine, solid chocolate, carbonation, coconut and of course dairy.  It’s been interesting, but it’s so nice to be feeling better!

I’ve been making lots of pasta…

DSC_0435 Still steaming veggie pasta…

And fun breakfasts.

DSC_0442 Trying to fit in healthy elements where ever I go.

I am missing eating lots of veggies, fruit and all my yummy whole wheat treats… but I was terribly suffering every day for eating that way.   If you have IBS, and have any tips or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate it.    This website has been my guiding force lately.

That’s why there have been no new recipes, or fun foodie pictures, because I’m eating pretty plain and boring foods…


On to other fun things… I got glasses!!

glassesThey aren’t an every day thing, just for night driving, and when my eyes start to get tired!  It’s kinda fun, but very weird to get used too!

Here’s a silly shot!

DSC_0444  Hehe…


The weather here has gotten so GRAY… one day I’d love to live on a tropical sunny island!

DSC_0438This is what the next few months of my life will look like,  the joy of being a west coaster I suppose!

DSC_0437  I’ve been trying to keep my spirits up by getting back to ZUMBA!  There was a 2 hour zumba party here at the night club on Friday night, a few friends and I went, and had a blast, so now I am hoping to get back to it 2x per week!!

Also HOT YOGA just opened here too, so I’m going to give that a go too…  

Have you been to hot yoga?  Thoughts?

What are your winter’s like where you live?

We hardly get any snow, but it’s just gray and rainy ALL the time!!

Miss you guys




  1. miss you too!! :)

    great to see you, smiley girl - love the new glasses and GENIUS - that is a great way to take a photo of yourself !! :D

  2. You make the west coast weather look so pretty! Miss you tons and I LOVE your glasses :)

  3. wow, what is that breakfast? IT LOOKS just PERFECT!

  4. Love hot yoga! Highly recommend - spring, summer, winter - it's all good. It's a great change to be in the heat when it's cold outside, and such a nice stretch. Enjoy!

  5. I have never done hot yoga, or any type of yoga actually!!

    The winters in Saskatchewan are BRUTALLY cold. And windy. I hate it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles! IBS..yuck!
    I have should get checked for that too!!
    It stinks..I never listened to the DR. when he told me...but have been in such misery with my tummy...I mean I bloat up to the size of Texas....and am finally starting to read about ALL the things I shouldn't eat! I can't eat anything hardly....stinks!
    Keep us posted on what you find that works for you!!!!!
    Take care!

  7. To answer your question on my blog ... I didn't make the little boxes for the desserts, I bought them at Michaels (they are Martha Stewart brand).

  8. just wanted to say thank you for always being there on FB, my blog, you name it..thank you :)

    Hot yoga..yep. I like it but i like ashtanga or just regular power yoga better.


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