Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Look!

Hello again!

I thought since we got covered in snow yesterday and today I had to get my car winterized, it was time to “Winterize my blog!”

How do you like it?Open-mouthed smile

The first picture was a few years ago on a snow day, we were out tobogganing,  the middle two snow pictures were from a weekend up at the ski hill and the 3rd was in Newfoundland at the end of a 3 hour, –15 degree hike!  BRR… 


So now that the weather is getting cooler, I have a fun product for you!! 

This would be an AWESOME stocking stuffer or Christmas Gift! DSC_0438

The lovely people at Thermos send me this hot/cold mug at just the right time!  I have been leaving in the morning at 7:30am and by the time I get to school at 8:30 my tea is COLD!!


This little baby is amazing… I put my tea in it at 6:30 am and it was still STEAMING hot at 2:30… we’re talking, burn your face off hot!!  Insane hey?  I couldn’t believe it!!   The other good part? 


It’s completely leak proof!!  So I just toss it in my bag, and go!!  No worries of soaking wet homework!   The top is awesome too, and doesn’t leak a drop…


I’m seriously impressed.   I do know they are a bit pricey, around $20-$25, but totally worth every penny, if you like hot beverages!  (It keeps cool drinks cool too, but I haven’t tried that yet, it’s too chilly here!)   Click here to see what other fun things they sell.

Here are the specks on this baby, which you can find HERE

Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Item Number: SK1005ACDN

UPC: 0-41205-62827-9

  • TherMax® double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold
  • Retains hot temperature for 5 hs, cold - for 9 hs
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Cool to the touch with hot liquids, sweat-proof with cold
  • Spill-resistant drink lid
  • Fits most automotive cup holders

  • Redwood
  • Midnight Blue

  • Capacity: 470 mL
  • Size (cm): 8.5(L) x 8.5(W) x 19.5(H)
  • Weight(Kg): 0.32

If you are interested in buying one, they are available at tons of different stores!

The only thing that I would put on my wish list for this product is that it came in HOT PINK or another fun girly color!

Thanks again to Thermos for this lovely product,  I will now be able to focus on my school work instead of running to the cafeteria 10x per day!!   I’ll be drinking hot tea all day thanks to you!!

I did get this item for free from the company, but would never steer you wrong, I give 100% honest reviews!!


Last but not least…  I am back to loving Zumba, as I found a super fun instructor!!

This is currently my favourite Zumba dance… have you tried it yet?

ZUMBA WAKA – Great song too!!

Love this video/dance/song!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!




  1. I love how you change your blog for the seasons... and those photos are great! we are supposed to get snow here tomorrow... it is definitely cold enough!!

    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love the look now! It totally has not snowed over here yet! Very strange! I have been enjoying my Zumba here, but I found out today that my fav instructor is going to be out the whole month of December!!! Grrr. Anyway I am working towards becoming one. By the way, I ordered the thermos for my husband! I have not been happy with Starbucks mugs so I am hoping he will enjoy this. Thanks!

  3. Oh I totally hear ya on the hot pink idea (I have one myself but obviously in a different model).

    Would make for a great smoothie holder too when the weather heats up again.

    PS am loving the winterised bloggy!

  4. The new looks is totally cool!!! I love how refreshing and wintery it is :-)

    I want to try Zumba! It looks like SO much fun!

  5. That thermos sounds amazing! I am definitely looking into getting one. Love your blog, it's super cute :)


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