Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

Hey guys!

Happy Saturday!!  Hope everyone is doing FABULOUS!! 

I thought I’d just do a “catch up” email, as there has been a lot of recipes and not much Dairy Free Betty on here lately!!


The other day I came home from a VERY STRESSFUL exam and had a special box on my door step!


Guess who it was from??


We agreed to do an exchange a few months ago, and it came and it was SO awesome…

After the stressful exam, I wanted to pull my hair out… and then inside this box was this…


OH MY DAIRY FREE GOD!!!!!!!!!!  You do realize that I haven’t had caramel in almost 3 YEARS!

I died… it was amazing!!   If you live in Canada you can get them here… and if you are in the US I believe you can pick them up anywhere!  They are totally dairy free and so fantastic!!

ps. There are also other flavors if this isn’t your thang!

What else was in the box?



so much amazingly fun stuff!!  Thank you so much Spa Bettie!!

Your awesome and I appreciate you bunches!!


Then the day I finished my practicum, the ladies there got me gorgeous flowers!!




I LOVE gerbera daisies! How beautiful are they?

I was so grateful for the ladies I was working with too, I learned bunches from them!!


I also took some interesting photos the other day, we have been having CRAZY weather – rain, snow, sleet… and




Oh West Coast – How I love thee!!!


How are YOU doing?

Here are some questions for you to answer today (if you wanna!)

What is the best thing that’s happened to you in the last week?

If someone gave you $5000 right now, what would you do with it?

What is your favourite desert in the whole wide world?

I love hearing from you guys so write away!

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  1. Awwww I love this post! That Twilight bar looks incredible! I adore caramel, in fact, as I type this I just finished a little Ghiradelli chocolate caramel bite. Such a perfect combination.

    Congrats on your hard work! You deserve those gorgeous flowers.

  2. YAAAY! :) sounds like it arrived at the perfect time... pretty awesome caramel, right? :)

    our weather has been the same *sigh* ... I really don't mind the rain, I just want it to warm up enough for me to START MY GARDEN !! :D

    happy weekend, darlin'!

  3. What an amazing package to receive! I still haven't tried those vegan candy bars but I really want to!

    And I hear you about the crazy weather we have on the west coast! Especially this year. However, I have never been to Canada. My boyfriend David and I have always talked about wanting to visit there. We have even talked about wanting to move there because of our failing heath care system. But that is a whole different conversation!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your caramel and beautiful flowers!

  4. oh are blogger friends the best?! what a great way to feel less stressed!!

  5. I just LOVE the Twilight candy bars - so cool that you were surprised with one!

  6. The right answer would probably be pay down student debt but I think I would really just go on a super awesome vacation!!!!

  7. If someone gave me $5000 I would put it in the bank and save it.

    I wish we had rain ... it is SO cold, and the ground is covered in snow :-(


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