Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lunch Ideas!

Hey guys, I am on the look out for lunch ideas!

I’m going to be working in a nut free, kiwi free school, and not sure if I have access to a microwave., and I need some lunch ideas!!  

I know you are all smart cookies, so I look forward to seeing your answers!

So far what I’ve thought of is…

Sushi salad


Mexican food – with chips for dipping!


Bi Bim Bap


Salad of course


Pasta – although not this one, as it has almonds!  Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta

creamy pasta

or the Mediterranean Pasta


Salad wraps – minus the peanut sauce (maybe sweet Thai sauce?)


Lettuce Wraps


Pizzas – both pita pizza and regular.


Grainy salads (I could sub sesame seeds for walnuts)  Qunioa, Kale Risotto


Hummus with pitas!!


That’s what I have so far, but I still need more ideas – as some of these take awhile to prep…

Anything you can come up with, will be super helpful!! Free free to link to your blog!


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  1. Hey - stop by my blog. I post a lunchbox every day Monday to Friday :) Most of them are mine, but I have some guest ones too. There are nuts in a few of the lunchboxes, but all the lunchboxes are dairy-free so you might find something you like :)

  2. Sandwiches and wraps are always a good idea and they're quick and easy. You can do tortillas, buns, bread, english muffins and the filling is endless. I like to pack things in seperate containers or ziplock bags so its fresh (no soggy bread for me). Sandwiches seem boring but if you're creative they can be amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing about some yummy lunches!

  3. I still have to make that sushi salad, because it looks redic.

  4. I have a couple great cold quinoa salads that I have been meaning to do a post about. They are good for days and I never get tired of them! (come to think of it, one has 1/4 cup plain yogurt - what would you sub for it?)

  5. Wow, it looks like you have some amazing ideas already!

    I can't think of anything right now but when I do I will definitely let you know!

    And can I ask why the school is kiwi free? That sounds interesting...

    Have a wonderful night!

  6. Oh, wow---those lunch ideas look amazing! I usually just have a boring salad for lunch. I guess sometimes I do collard wraps...but it's just the same salad rolled up in a leaf! Maybe I'll get motivated by you and try and be more creative :)


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