Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weird things!!

Sorry about being MIA again lately!   I’m on the school HOME STRETCH now, which means I’m a busy lady!!  But I haven’t forgotten about you guys!!


So how do you feel about weird foods and supplements?

I went to a Chinese Medicine Pharmacy yesterday and he recommended some VERY interesting things to me!

First off Red Reishi


This crazy little mushroom is considered the “mushroom of immortality

From the handout he gave me, the things that it can help is; insomnia, fatigue, frequent sickness, listlessness, forgetfulness, poor appetite, loose stools, dizziness, sore low back, asthma and cough with phlegm.    It can also help with; Cancer, viral hepatitis, coronary heart disease, diabetes Mettitus (Type II), Hypertension, Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

The benefits can include – increased energy, clear skin, improved stress response, decreased risk of cancer, regulated sugar and lipid levels in blood, feeling of relaxation, improved inflammatory response, improved lung health and improved immune function.

Holy smokes hey?   Click here for more info


Yesterday I went to my favourite Raw + Vegan restaurant, Zen Zero and I tried one of their Reishi Coffee’s and it was really good (coming from a non-coffee drinker)!!

Anywhoo, I’m going to give it a try, I’ll keep you posted!

Disclaimer - I am no medical professional, I just got this info off of the handouts that I was given.


The Pharmacy also suggested TULSI tea – which is also known as Holy Basil…

I tried it last night, and it tastes great!!  We’ll see about the benefits!


At Zen Zero, I also got a Stinging nettle smoothie!!   (I told you I had a weird food day!)



From Zen Zero’s website;

Some of the many health benefits of Stinging Nettles include, high levels of iron (high enough to cure anemia), high levels of vitamins A & C, high levels of chlorophyll and it’s a complete protein.  As if that wasn’t awesome enough – they actually taste good!

You can read more about it HERE!  (and see the yummy ingredients in this smoothie)

It was a pretty tasty smoothie too!!  I would totally get it (and the reishi coffee) again!


Have you ever tried “Weird things?”  If so, what was it!?!  Do tell!!  Did you keep taking it?

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  1. I like trying "weird" things :-) I have tried a lot of weird foods/supplements, including Bee Pollen, and Royal Jelly!

  2. Jessica, those are some weird things! lol. I would try that mushroom just because of how pretty it looks and that stinging nettle smoothie because of how different it is :) I don't think I've ever tried anything as "weird" as those. Spirulina is about as weird as it gets for me and that's not even weird. I would like to try some weirder things! Have a great weekend Jessica!

  3. I love trying random things! I've tried reishi and goji berry tea, bee pollen, lacuma, purple corn, maca, spirulina....I <3 the taste of lacuma, that's my fave :-)


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