Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What’s in my belly!

I don’t have a recipe for you today (oops, I do have a recipe for you, just kidding!!)   but I DO have some good eats as of lately!!

There has been some pizza – which has a hummus base, and VEGGIES galore!


I even sprinkled some daiya cheese on top! (I’m totally not used to the cheese flavor on pizza, it was kind of weird)



And then there was some OVER NIGHT OATS – I finally jumped on the band wagon.


drizzled with maple syrup and cashew butter!


IT tasted like a runny cookie… in a good way!!


Just for the record, I’ve TOTALLY been keeping up with the 31 at 31 post!

LOTS of fresh juice and green smoothies have been drank!



And I’ve been eating TONS of salad, because I am currently obsessed with a new homemade salad dressing.


At the bottom of my salad bowl (without the salad in it) I mix together;


Either 1 tsp tahini or cashew butter

1 TBSP apple cider vinegar or balsamic

1 tsp lemon juice

Splash of soya sauce

A wee bit of either fresh garlic or garlic powder

Italian Spices about a tsp!!!

MIX it all together and then put all the salad ingredients on top… Mix until all coated!


Oh and what else?

How cute is my puppy?!!?


He doesn’t like having his picture taken at all…


To bad I couldn’t get him to “smize” aka – smile with his eyes!


Anywhoo… Those are the highlights of what’s on my plate lately!! 

What has been the best thing you’ve been eating lately?

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  1. That pizza sounds soooo good! Since I had to stop eating cheese, I haven't had any type of pizza. I miss it so much! What did you use for the dough?

  2. mmmm that salad dressing does sound wonderful! and simple! and i have all the ingredients! YAY!!!

  3. Your puppy needs to come over and play with my Jack. They both look like they could get into a lot of trouble together!

    And holy YUM! That pizza is AWESOME. I'm going to have to try a hummus base pizza, genius.

    And oh cashew butter, I miss you so much. It's been a few months since I've been able to find it here, and I miss it!

  4. I love that idea of hummus crust! haha...best thing i've eaten was a 3 bean vegan chili last wknd that i'm in preps to try and recreate:)

  5. i love all the colors! Signs of a good feed and nourishment. Hummus has been eaten by the tubful here.

  6. your pup is cute!!! and the pizza looks great, and i absolutely have to try that dressing. i'm in the market for a new dressing. i guess i always am though ;) i've been naughty and am in love with my chocolate pb 'ice cream' and these killer raw cookie dough balls. i need to find the link and post them on my blog. have a good day!

  7. Ok, I'll have some of that pizza! Now, please :)

    I've been eating lots of avocados lately!

  8. Your dog is ADORABLE!

    Tastes like a runny cookie?! I'm in :)

  9. Holy yum! Your food always looks so good! That salad dressing sounds wonderful.

    Your dog is SO adorable! <3

    Thank you for the kind comment on my post :)

  10. Best thing I have been eating lately = coconut butter.

    I also REALLY liked the beet in the juice - it was super good! I love beets. They are one of my favourite veggies.

  11. i love that hummus pizza...it looks so good!! i thought daiya was weird too when i first tried it on pizza. i actually prefer none.

    your puppy is adorable!!

  12. I forgot to tell you that your puppy is way too cute!!! He looks like a big snuggle bug :)

  13. That salad dressing does sound really yummy! I've been stuck on hummus/nutrtional yeast - but I want to give that a whirl! :)

  14. PIZZA!

    I never thought to have a hummus base... that is such a good idea! Are you cooking the hummus or spreading it on after?


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