Monday, September 20, 2010

I am still eating :)

Hey guys!

So as you know my life has pretty much consisted of…




and at least 5 more books!!

LOADS of reading!!  I have 18 hours of class per week, and then 3 hours of homework PER HOUR of class time!    CRAZY… but I am loving it so far!!


I am still eating though… and still eating healthy!!

Turnip, carrot, pork and potatoes…


Pea Soup with Daiya  Cheese (which unfortunately made me incredibly sick)


Smoothies – loaded with chia and gogi berries (and my new bubble tea straw from Glass Dharma) I LOVE these straws!


My home-grown zucchini baked in the oven with garlic and nooch… covered in tomato sauce… served with white baguette!

So yummy!! DSC_0440

Homemade Caesar Salad… with chicken and croutons.   The dressing consisted of almonds, lemon, garlic and nooch.  YUM!  DSC_0441 I AM NOT a chicken fan, but we bought the chicken breasts from M & M meats, and it’s SO good!! 

Pita pizza’s!!  Love these!!  I make a few, so I have some meals for other days!

DSC_0442 And there have been some “super quick” meals too..

DSC_0443 DSC_0444 DSC_0445 This was pretty good!  Next time I would add some more veggies though, because I was hungry about an hour later!!  Tasty stuff though!!

There was also some “Lemon Cashew Cheesecake”… but I will leave that beauty for another day!! :)  With HUGE kudos to the creator!!


I have still been creeping on all your blogs, just no commenting!!  But I am missing my bloggy friendships!! :)

HOPE you guys are all doing well!!



PS. QUESTION – what’s your quick easy meal ideas???


  1. Lucky for you I keep all my quick, delicious, healthy meals on my blog!
    Blythe @

  2. I always make pita pizzas when I need something really quick!

  3. good to see you, however quick! :) your eats look great, sorry to hear Daiya didn't agree with you :(

    that smoothie looks NOM :)


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