Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey guys!

So tomorrow marks the first day at school EEK!.   I’m trying to stay calm, but honestly, I’m scared to bits!!     

So I am hoping you guys will understand that I might not be posting for awhile, until I get my schedule figured out.  I need to find a healthy balance between everything!!

I don’t want to loose any of my lovely/wonderful readers!


On the WW note.  I am finding the program incredibly easy.  I am actually having a super hard time eating all my points every day. Today is my last day of the week, and I haven’t even touched my extra flex points, or activity points!

I think it might have something to do with eating pretty healthy already?

Here have been some of my yummy eats!

Quinoa Salad – Quinoa cooked in chicken broth – sooo good!


My fav, Red Thai Curry!

DSC_0439 I find it easy to eat in the summer time, as there is so much yummy produce!   I got all this at our health food store for $20!

All the veggies are organic too!!

DSC_0435 Brown rice wraps, raw sauerkraut (YUM),  celery,  eggplant, lettuce, peppers & free run eggs!!

And of course all the goodies from my garden!

DSC_0169  I just pulled a zucchini out of my garden that was about a foot and a half long!!  CRAZY!   And I can hardly keep up with my kale!!

Anywhoo…  must get back to relaxing today!!  I’m trying my best to be ZEN about this whole back to school situation, as I know it will all be good & I’ll love it!!





  1. Have a lovely first day of classes! I love the Buddha, so relaxing.

  2. you ARE going to be great, school will be great and you WILL love it!! I think it sounds exciting (perhaps because it's been a while since I've been in school!) ;)

    you eats all look delicious. fresh and clean. crazy how easy it is to do WW (I know vaguely how the system works) points when you are eating so good. :)

  3. life first, blog second. don't worry about your blog or your readers when you have LIFE and school to be living :)


  4. Hey love! I hope you are having a great time at school!

    Can't wait for you to fill us all in :)


  5. How was your first day of school? I thought happy student thoughts for you!

  6. Hope school went well, you'll do great! all those veggies look delish!


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