Friday, September 3, 2010

More Than Just a Pretty Plate!

There once was a plate made of PALM

They were perfect when eating with Tom?

Good for the Earth, oh so GREEN

And they are pretty enough to be seen.

Haha… You have officially got a sneak peak into one of my hidden talents!!  j/k.

So Justin from Marx Foods recently sent me a set of these BEAUTIFUL Palm Plates to do a review on.

DSC_0441 Here are a few of their facts – besides being beautiful, they are DISPOSABLE, BIODEGRADABLE, COMPOSTABLE & STURDY

No trees were cut down to make these either.   “Freshly fallen, naturally discarded sheaths of the leaves of the Adaka palm tree are collected.  To be clear, these are not pulled off the tree, nor are any trees cut down, as this is a non-timber forest resource.  The trees naturally shed their old leaves, which are then picked up and put to good use.”  *Taken from their website.  Please click here to find out the other steps in making these.

Because they are not cookie cutter plates,  each one is different. DSC_0442


To be honest, I haven’t eaten off these yet!!  Because they are so pretty, I just want to keep them for awesome blog photos!!  DSC_0447 I am super impressed by this product, because they are super sturdy, and could hold a lot of great food, as well after your big party, you can just toss them in your compost!  How awesome is that? DSC_0444

They come in many different shapes.  And of course you can order them online!!  (They also have forks, knives and spoons!)

Makes for a pretty guilt free BBQ!!! 

Marx Foods also sells many other goodies, so check them out today!!   Thanks Justin, for this opportunity!


*I am not given any money to do this review, only free product, with no expectation of a good review.  My reviews will always be honest.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of yesterday and today’s eats!! :)



  1. I was at an engagement party this past weekend and they used these plates and cutlery!

  2. Thanks for telling us about these awesome plates, and I love your hidden talent:)

  3. these are beautiful! I want some of these for a fun party.

    maybe something I'll host for a bunch of bloggers in Portland next August... :)

  4. You're right! They are too pretty to eat from!

  5. they are gorgeous!!! i can help take a few off your hands :)

  6. WOW! How cool are these?? I would love to get me some of these to try!

    I love that each one is different and has their own beauty ;)


  7. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your weight lost progress here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.

  8. Those plates are cool!! I love the look of them!


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