Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ethnic Food Junkie!



So glad you guys enjoyed the VLOG post!  I felt so silly doing it, but it was fun, and so much fun to hear everyone elses!!  Some of my answers were silly!  I do call rain in the sunshine liquid sunshine, not just rain!!

I finally downloaded my pictures off my camera so I have a few tasty treats to share with you guys!!

There is this amazing Middle Eastern take out place here…  and I was MADLY craving a Fattoush Salad!  (Robyn and Natasha know what I’m talking about,  Robyn even did a post with the recipe here for me, after she sent me the ingredients all the way from Saudi Arabia!)

DSC_0003 This salad was massive, it took me 3 meals to eat it all.  It’s full of lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, green olives, peppers, tomatoes, fried pita and an amazing dressing!


*LOVE this!!  I also got it with a “bigger than my head” sized fresh flatbread and some of their amazing hummus… (which I always drain all that oil off of!)


I’m an ethnic food junkie!!

I have been so busy, we have been getting take out too often.  Last night was the first time we’ve cooked a meal together for almost 3 weeks (Dave was out of town for 10+ days though), and we have been cooking, but just separate meals!

Another ethnic meal I was craving…  PHO!

This one was chicken, noodles, basil, lime, hot sauce, jalapenos, bean sprouts and green onions!


It was SUPER spicy, but perfect for a cold day!


My dear friend that I met at school is from South America, and she makes amazing food,  she gave me some masa and her tortilla press, so I made fresh tortillas!! (SO GOOD)




with some “green sauce” which I will give you the recipe for once I perfect it!


Oooh, getting my belly ready for some good Mexican food!  As ironic as it sounds, I hope this time in Mexico we actually get to eat Mexican food,  last time the resort we went to didn’t have anything (besides chips and salsa) and we walked all over trying to find a reputable looking place to eat!

4 sleepssssssssssssssss

I have a fun recipe review for you on Monday!! 

It involves Hummus and Chocolate chips… Winking smile 

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  1. Love me some ethnic food-yours looks delish!!!! Can't wait for the recipe review!!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I too am an ethnic food junkie! I love the strong flavours.

  3. Girl me too... I could eat delicious ethic foods all day every day! I am totally due for some Ethiopian food now that I think about it. Annnddddd, I can't wait to hear about your dessert hummus! xo

  4. i love the ethnic food feast!

    and the fact that you got multiple meals out of one it when that happens!

    you have a big week coming up...HAVE FUN!!! :)


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