Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Final Wedding Update!


I’ve been getting TONS of email regarding wedding details!! Smile  So here is one for ya!  The next one will be actual wedding pictures!!

Ok, so the wedding is at this beach…


These are the invites  (we wanted something different and fun)  They came from here on Etsy


Love them!!


My bouquet is going to look something like this!   Our colors a black and white and a tiny bit of pink accessories!

Flowers without calla lillies

A lot of my inspiration came from this picture…


Love the green in these too!_thumb

I am hoping the ceremony will look something like this…


My wedding photographer is a friend from my past.  She is absolutely 100% my dream photographer! I still can’t believe she will be the one!!  Check her out here… this link is also the same type of idea as our wedding will be…  There are 3 parts to this wedding, so feel free to look through!

Our wedding party is perfect.   I have 4 girls on my side, and a bridesman on Daves side.  Dave has 2 guys on his side (unfortunately a few couldn’t make it for both of us) 

We have 29 people coming which is a great number!

Of course I can’t tell you about my dress, but let me tell you something… It’s SO beautiful!

Oh also, a few weeks ago I asked what I should do as the cake in Mexico won’t be dairy free.  So Kris at I heart Wellness and I came up with a great plan!!  Check out her new shop here! Hopefully I’ll be “taste testing” today or tomorrow!

I also bought my veil, flower for my hair, decorations etc. all from ETSY.  Anyone wanting to plan an inexpensive wedding, this is the place to shop…  Plus there is something there that is your style 100%

Well that’s all the details for now!!  There are MANY things that are unknown even for me… which is one of the challenges about destination weddings!!

If you have any other questions let me know!! Smile   I don’t mind talking wedding talk!

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  1. Yessss!! So exciting! I am stoked that Kris came up with something for you (and jealous that you get to eat her awesome treats!), and I love the Etsy tip!

  2. I love Etsy!! How genius to shop there for wedding stuff!! Your wedding seems like it's going to be gorgeous and so much fun!!

  3. sounds wonderful!! i'm so glad everything with getting there finally worked out! :)

    i got married on the beach, and it was absolutely fabulous! unfortunately, i hired a photographer who ended up being a total fake, and he lost/deleted all of our pictures and then disappeared. obviously, you will NOT have that issue, so i can't wait to see your pictures!

  4. LOVE your invites!!!

    This Etsy sounds pretty cool - I have never shopped on that site.

  5. I am so happy for you : ) I hope you have a wonderful and magical ceremony! Wishing you all the happiness possible : ) Love, Becky

  6. I hope you two have nothing short of the time of your lives!!!

    Drink it all in Jessica. Take a moment to look around, memorize people's faces, the locale, the smells, the sounds. It's your wedding day! It only comes once in a life-time!

    Relish in your special day!!!

    Then come back here and tell me all about it!!!

    With lots of love from your fellow Destination Wedding Bride,


  7. Sounds awesome!
    Great update :)


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